When A Pug Sees Another Dog On A Tablet She Goes Bonkers!

When this pug named Nao sees that there’s an imposter pup on a tablet screen, she gets a little confused.

At first, she doesn’t even know what to think, and just staresdown at the little white dog trapped in the screen while it barks at her, presumably. I wonder what’s going through the little pug’s mind. There’s no way she can know for sure that this is just a video of a dog from some faraway place. As far as she knows, there actually is a tiny white pup in this strange rectangle trying to talk to her. So, what does she do?

Eventually, she barks right back, but the white pup on the other side doesn’t seem to hear Nao’s little grunts. This does not make Nao a happy camper. Not one bit!

The only thing left for a pug to do is to stand in confusion, which brings on the classic head tilt that so many puzzled pups do. Make sure you keep an eye on her floppy ears while she tries to solve this puzzle!

Maybe Nao will soon befriend the pup on the other side of that strange screen, but for now, she’ll probably remain confused and adorable. Me? I don’t have a problem with that, because this sweet little pup’s tiny noises just made my day.

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