Watch What Happens If You Pour Chlorosulfonic Acid On A Lab Coat

Dont try this at home, even if you are wearing a lab coat.

As suggested by its title as a superacid, this chlorosulfonic acid is a nasty thing. A superacid is a term used to describe an acidwith an acidity level greater than 100 percent pure sulphuric acid in other words, pretty strong.

Chemistry Flicks hascreated a series of videos showing the crazy effect of chlorosulfonic acid. In a matter of seconds, the superacid will be munching and oxidizing its way through your lab coat, fruit, toilet roll, smartphone, you name it. In fact, in a similar spirit to now-famous Hydraulic Press Channel, you can also suggest things to get destroyed bythe acid in the comments below the video.

Of course, while wearing a lab coat, you’re probably only likely to be splashed by acid, not immersed in a pool of it. Still though, probably best to steer clear ofchlorosulfonic acid.

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