Uproar Brewing Over Ancient Greek Sculpture That Appears To Prove Time Travel

For every puzzle that we solve using science and our powers of deductive reasoning, there are a dozen more that remain stubbornly enigmatic.

Of course, that doesnt mean that theyll never be explained; after all, humankind once attributed thunder to the gods and sudden illness to fairies and elves. Over time, weve been able to come to very different conclusions.

But then, just when your rational mind prevails, youll stumble upon something like this eerie and confounding video of a girl appearing to levitate in a Russian forest. You cant come up with any explanation, and a tiny voice in the back of your brain will start to say, maybe, just maybe, things arent exactly as they seem.

The latest unexplained mysterymaking people worldwide question everything? A cryptic image of a 2,000-year-old ancient Greek sculpture that appears to depict a laptop computer.

Conspiracy theorists and skeptics alike wonder how on Earth the ancient Greeks could have depicted an article that looks just like the handy, portable computers we use every day, devices that werent even dreamed of until the early 1970s.

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This is the 2,000-year-old Greek sculpture that has people around the world doing a double take.

Looking closely: one can see that a laptop-like device is being depicted within the sculpture but considering the piece’s age, how could that be possible?

Some scholars have a theorythat devices like the laptop may have been gifted to ancient humans by a technologically advanced alien species…

These theorists have pointed out the small holes in the side of the computer. They argue that theycould be USB ports, just like the ones on the average Macbook or PC.

According to these scholars, this “laptop” is proof of time and space travel which we currently know to be impossible.

However, other scholars argue that the sculpture depicts something far more common in ancient history.

According to these scholars, the sculpture which is in the collection of the Getty Museum most likely depicts either a shallow hinged box, or a wax writing tablet like the one pictured above.

As for the “USB ports,” they may look convincing, but if you look closely, you can see that it looks like the figure holding the object once had a hand directly over the “ports.”

The hand may have once attached been using dowels fixed into the two holes now visible.

Similar holes are visible in some other Greek works from the same time, as pictured above, but its hard to say for certain what they were for.

What do you think of the sculpture? Is it just an ordinary relic of an ancient time, or do you think its possible, just maybe, that its evidence of something more mysterious?

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