Ultimate browser battle: Firefox Quantum vs. Google Chrome

Image: leon neal/AFP/Getty Images

Firefox Quantum is here. Firefox’s brand-new web internet browser is the most intriguing thing to occur in the searching area in a long period of time, and, yes, it will let you run all the tabs you desire . There’s one barrier standing in Firefox’s method to success, and that’s Google’s searching leviathan, Chrome.

Since its launching in 2008, Chrome has actually sealed itself as the web internet browser of option for anybody who understands much better than to utilize the default — a title that utilized to come from Firefox. With time, thanks to its speed and absence of bloat, Chrome made Firefox unimportant.

Quantum intends to reverse the tide, partially by striking Chrome where it harms: speed. Firefox declares Quantum loads some popular sites two times as quick.

We choose to see for ourselves. We put the Quantum and Chrome to the test on a home computer with an Intel Core i5 2500k processor and 8GB of RAM. We tape-recorded our test videos on a MacBook Air.

Each web internet browser was evaluated utilizing default settings without any add-ons or extensions. Neither web browser was allowed with an advertisement blocker or any performance that didn’t included the initial download. Searching history, cache, and cookies were cleared in advance. Each test was carried out 3 times.

Ares-6 test

Ares-6 procedures how rapidly an internet browser can run brand-new Javascript functions, consisting of a variety of mathematical functions. You can check out the nitty-gritty information here .

Better internet browsers get lower ratings.

As you can see, when it concerns the speed of intricate Javascript functions, Chrome definitely damages Firefox.

Winner: Google Chrome


JetStream 1.1 tests an internet browser’s capability to run sophisticated web applications. It determines a variety of jobs, consisting of 3D cube rotation, integer mathematics, and library parsing. You can see the complete list here .

Better internet browsers get greater ratings.

This time, Firefox triumphes, however not by much. This suggests it’s, inning accordance with JetStream, somewhat much better matched for “sophisticated work and shows strategies.”

Winner: Firefox Quantum


Speedometer replicates user actions on web applications (particularly, including products to an order of business) and determines the time they take. Examine it out on your own here .

Better internet browsers get greater ratings.

When it pertains to user interactions in web applications, Chrome takes the day.

Winner: Google Chrome

Real-world Speed Test

Let’s be truthful, there’s something you individuals appreciate, which’s how quick your tab will fill. We pitted the web browsers versus each other in a race to fill our preferred sites. See the outcomes on your own listed below.






Chrome is the victor on National Geographic, CNN, and Mashable, with Firefox taking the lead on Amazon and The New York Times.

Winner: Google Chrome

Chrome is still the one in charge

Unfortunately for Mozilla, Chrome appears like it’s keeping the leading area, a minimum of in the meantime. The only test that prefers Quantum is JetStream, which’s by a hair. And in Ares-6, Quantum gets devitalized.

In truth, nevertheless, Quantum is no slug. It’s a capable, quick, and stunning web browser with ingenious bookmark performance and a library filled with imaginative add-ons. As Mozilla’s designers tweak Quantum in the coming months, it’s possible it might reach Chrome.

In the meantime, the distinctions in page-load time are small at finest; you most likely will not discover the distinction.