Trump’s swing state troubles

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump’s vice presidential search. His challenges in swing states like Colorado. And the Clinton campaign’s alternative to GOP convention protests.

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    1) Trump’s swing-state troubles

    The GOP convention is just around the corner, but Donald Trump continues to annoy and befuddle some activists in battleground states.



      Dems’ to use GOP convention as get-out-the-vote tool


    Instead, Julie Pace of the Associated Press reports that Clinton’s organization is encouraging those who want to vent at Trump and the GOP to redirect their energy to voter registration efforts.
    “You’re going to see a lot of Democratic activity around Cleveland, registering voters, and they’re also planning a big social media campaign where Democrats can show voter registration efforts around the country. And this is just another sign that while Donald Trump is really a master at getting attention, and will be a master of getting attention for himself during that convention, Democrats are really skilled at these on-the-ground voter registration and field efforts that really prove to win elections.”

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