This Simple DIY Water Toy Is A Great Way To Have Fun With Your Kids

Every time I see my younger cousins at our family get-togethers, their faces are inevitably glued to their tablet screens. Theyll all be sitting right next to each other, completely silent and absorbed in whatever new game theyve discovered that week. Even as someone whos pretty addicted to theirphone and technology in general as I am, their focus on their devices can seem a bit excessive at times.

Thats why I loved stumbling across this amazing and simple to create DIY toy that is just as addictive as any app they could download. And it wont wear out their eyes before they even make it to high school, either. Its also something you and your kiddos can create together!

All youll need is one of those mini perfume bottles, super glue, a few LEGO items or other knickknacks you might have lying around, some metal wire, and a plastic bottle. Assembling the pieces takes a little patience to assemble, but it really will be worth it when you see the end result.

After plopping the items into the water-filled plastic bottle, you can adjust the pressure with your hand in order to have the little dude fish for gold coins. It seems silly, but I could totally see any little kid playing with this for hours.

Seriously, just watching him play with the simple design made me want to jump in and give it a shot! I guess Ill just have to make one for myself, but well see if I decide to share it with my cousins.

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