This Girls Boyfriend Wrote Her An Entire Book Filled With The Story Of Their Love

Earlier today, I thought, You know, maybe things are going all right in my life.

But then, I realized I dont have anyone to do for me what a sweet guy named Chaz did for his girlfriends birthday, and I started vehemently sighing for about 20 minutes straight.

Last Saturday, 17-year-old Chaz Adams shared the sweetest, most thoughtful present he made for his 18-year-old girlfriend Maiyahs birthday on social media.

On Twitter, Chaz posted a video showing him flipping through a regular, old composition notebook. And every single page of the notebook yes, all 150 of them was filled withsweet words and pictures Chaz felt described their relationship.


About what exactly he included in the book, Chaz tells Elite Daily, I talked about why I do the things I do for her, I talked about how much I love her, I put pictures of our favorite memories together, I talked about our future and our past.

If this love-filled book isnt enough to convince you that Chaz and Maiyah are relationship goals (do you even have feelings?), then read this beautiful tweet thread Chaz wrote for Maiyahs birthday and get back to me:

Regarding what inspired him to write this actual love novel for his girlfriend, Chaz says his main goal was to find the perfect way to really show Maiyah he loved her:

We both have had somewhat or a troubled past with relationships, so I made a promise to her when I first met her that I would do anything to make her smile, so I decided to keep my promise.

Ive always wanted to express the love I had for her, but it was hard to. Until I started writing the book. Things began to flow a lot easier.

Its glaringly obvious Chaz was serious when he said hed do to make Maiyah smile, because this project definitely wasnt a quick one. In fact, he says it took him a little less than three weeks to finish.

I dont know about you guys, but Im ugly crying in public right now just thinking about how sweet this is. And luckily, Im not alone because Twitter cant handle the sweetness either:

The club cant even handle anyoneright now because wereliterally flooding it with tears.

Dibs on flower girl at Chaz and Maiyahs wedding.

Seriously, name a more iconic duo. ILL WAIT.

Just when I think I cant cry any more tears over this, I surprise myself.

Chaz and Maiyah are the only way we can tell love is still alive.

Get yourself a partner like this, ladies. ITS THE ONLY WAY.

At the end of the day, this is how were all REALLY feeling about this right now:

Chaz explains that even though their relationship isnt always perfect, he thinks his relationship with Maiyah is the best thing to ever happen, adding that the love between Maiyah and him is like no love [hes] ever experienced.

He also explains how he hopes this present to Maiyah will show people our generation still has the ability to love.

I wanna [show them]what ways to treat a woman, and how to keep a woman, he says.

In a world of duds where we assume love is dead, at least there are guys like Chaz out there to remind us all we have some sliver of hope.

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