This Funny Dog Is Mad At His Human For Coming Home A Bit Late From Work

We all know that type of person who’s a creature of habit. Every morning, they have to go through the exact same routine, in the exact same order, or else their entire day will be thrown off. That’s just how some people function!

I, personally, get really thrown off when I can’t get in a little bit of physical exercise in the morning. Even if I can only do a couple sit-ups before I get ready to go to work, it’s better than skipping exercise altogether. Some people prefer to have a little bit of downtime to read the newspaper before they get in their car and drive to work, while others need to have a cup of tea before they go to bed in order to get a good night’s sleep. There’s just something about having a routine that makes a lot of us tick. Even routine spontaneity counts!

It turns out that our pets can be creatures of habit, too. Especially if your pup depends on you for his outside playtime and bathroom breaks, he can get used to the schedule you set.

This pup is definitely one of those animals. He’s gotten so used to his human getting home from work at the same time every day, that he just can’t stand it when he’s running even a little bit late.

So, how does he react when Dad gets home a little behind schedule, and the daily game of fetch gets pushed back? This istoofunny!

If this hilarious pup made you smile,

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