The Comprehensive Myers-Briggs Gift Guide

Having trouble deciding what to get your friends and loved ones for the holidays this year?

We’ve got your back.

This year, we collected the wackiest, wildest and weirdest items we could find on Shop Catalog and then categorized them by personality type. Click on your loved one’s type below to find some uniquely strange gift items that will both surprise and delight them!

Idealists: ENFJ / ENFP / INFJ / INFP

Rationals: ENTJ / ENTP / INTJ / INTP

Guardians: ESFJ / ESTJ / ISFJ / ISTJ

Artisans: ESFP / ESTP / ISFP / ISTP

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For Your ENFJ Parent: The Chair That Solidifies Their Status As Your Therapist

Your ENFJ mother or father is already your therapist – might as well spring for the corresponding furniture. This stylish lounge gives both of you a spot to relax as you unload your struggles and bond over a good heart-to-heart.

For Your ENFJ Sibling: The Cutting Edge Headphones That Match Their Cool Music Collection

It’s no use pretending that ENFJs don’t have killer taste in music. Get your brother or sister the headphones that their collection truly deserves – they’ll love you forever and you’ll love the sudden silence that takes over the house.

For Your ENFJ Significant Other: The Record Player That They Both Need And Deserve

ENFJs love personalized gifts – and for them, music is a direly personal affair. Spoil them with this trendy record player and a few of their favourite vinyls. They’ll be touched by the thoughtfulness of your gift, and they’ll think of you every time they use it.

For Your ENFJ Friend: The Sage That Will Clear Negative Energy From Their Home

ENFJs are highly receptive to negative energy in their environment – which is why they need to counter-act the effects with calming stimuli. Give your ENFJ friend some soothing sage to burn for when they’re feeling overwhelmed – they’ll appreciate the chance to indulge in some direly needed self-care.

For Your ENFJ Boss: Adorable Mugs With Tiny Tidbits Of Wisdom

ENFJs are constantly doling out small pieces of wisdom to get their loved ones through the day – but they’re rarely receiving them back. Pick up a cute mug with a thoughtful phrase for your ENFJ boss – to remind them that they, too, are worthy of care and encouragement!

Want more ideas for the ENFJ in your life? Check out the full ENFJ gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your ENFP Parent: The No-Hassle Solution To House Cleaning

It was no secret growing up that your ENFP parent wasn’t the fondest of housework. Get them the gadget they wished they always had when you were younger – the vacuum that cleans all on its own.

For Your ENFP Sibling: The Kitchen Tool That Will Remind Them How Fun Adulting Can Be

You’re not the first to worry that your ENFP sibling is going to die of malnutrition because they’re constantly forgetting to eat. Get them this cute, fun tool that makes eating vegetables fun – to ensure that they actually consume a few now and then.

For Your ENFP Significant Other: An Unusual And Magical Getaway

There’s nothing more attractive to the ENFP personality than a new adventure. Surprise them with a trip to an exciting, unusual location that they haven’t ever thought to explore – they’ll be impressed with your ingenuity and enthralled with the upcoming trip.

For Your ENFP Friend: The Camera Strap That Captures Their Adventurous Spirit

So your ENFP friend has been known to put their camera down on a rock now and then and wander off. Help them out with this practical camera strap that is just as adventurous as they are – you’ll fuel their wanderlust-y spirit and help them keep their belongings in check.

For Your ENFP Boss: A Calendar Made Of Bubbles

Your boss is known for making every day at the office fun – and what’s funner than a calendar made of bubbles? Pop your way into the New Year, one delightfully satisfying burst at a time.

For Any ENFP In Your Life: The Comprehensive ENFP Survival Guide

For this surprisingly reflective type, there’s no greater gift you can give them than a better understanding of themselves. Pick up “The Comprehensive ENFP Survival Guide” for the ENFP in your life, and/or anyone who knows and loves them.

Want more ideas for the ENFP in your life? Check out the full ENFP gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your INFJ Parent: A Murphy Door To Make Their Reading Lair Fantasies Come True

Your INFJ parent loves you – really, they do. But sometimes they also want to open a secret bookshelf door and disappear for days at a time. Give them the option to do just that with this amazing murphy hinge system that is straight out an INFJ’s wildest dreams.

For Your INFJ Sibling: Stylish And Practical Minimalist Shelves

INFJs are minimalists at heart, but not always in practice. Help them declutter their space with this attractive shelving unit that forces them to host only the necessary items – making everything they do choose to hold onto that much more meaningful.

For Your INFJ Significant Other: A Weekend Away Somewhere Cozy And Quaint

All your INFJ significant other wants for Christmas is you. So give them yourself, in a quaint and intimate getaway where the two of you can go to escape the world. They’ll relish in your company and your thoughtfulness alike.

For Your INFJ Friend: A Simple Guide To A Happier Life

INFJs are constantly trying to simplify – but life keeps on getting in the way. Give them a guide to cutting through the outside noise and honing in on what’s really important – they’ll be infinitely grateful for the guidance.

: Take Home Green Tea Lattes

If there’s anything an INFJ needs at the end of a long day, it’s some time alone with a comforting cup of tea. Give your boss the opportunity to indulge in just that, with a take-home Green Tea Kit that will soothe and relax them.

Want more ideas for the INFJ in your life? Check out the full INFJ gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your INFP Parent: The Magical Floating Bookshelves That Will Complete Their Library

INFPs love reading – almost as much as they love leaving books all over the house. Help your bookworm of a parent make organizing their reading material fun with these sneaky floating shelves. Is there really a better way to store their “Harry Potter” collection?

For Your INFP Sibling: The Wanderlust-Fuelling Duvet

Chances are your INFP sibling has a bad case of wanderlust – but also a close relationship with their own bed. Combine their two loves with this gorgeous patchwork duvet. They’ll be constantly dreaming of new adventures.

For Your INFP Significant Other: A Romantic Weekend Away From It All

Indulge the fanciful, romantic side of your INFP partner with a weekend away somewhere magical. Pick a spot they’ve always wanted to go to, and find the most unique form of accommodation possible. They’ll be touched by the romantic gesture and it’ll leave them dreaming of the trip for years afterward!

For Your INFP Friend: The Journal That Tracks Personal Development

INFPs love personal reflection – and this five-year journal allows them to keep track of their own development and growth long-term. Give your INFP friend the gift of watching themselves change over time – to them, it is an invaluable one.

For Your INFP Boss: The Night-Writer Pen That Helps Them Burn The Midnight Oil

INFPs get cracking whenever inspiration hits – and often, it hits late at night when their partners are already asleep. This handy light-up pen allows them to jot down their spurts of brilliance without disturbing their loved ones or scrambling for the light.

Want more ideas for the INFP in your life? Check out the full INFP gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your ENTJ Parent: The Lampshade That Defines Practicality

Your ENTJ parent never indulged in frivolous furniture – and now technology has rendered lampshades exactly that. Get your drastically practical parent a piece of furniture that pushes the limits of minimalism – but that nonetheless gets the job done.

For Your ENTJ Sibling: The Cocktail Glasses That Scream Sophistication

Your ENTJ brother or sister is looking to make it big – and they need household items that show that they mean business. Help them out with these incredibly classy cups – if faking it ’til you make it really works, the gold rim will give them a leg up when their colleagues come over.

For Your ENTJ Significant Other: The World’s Coolest Coffee Brewer (Literally)

Your ENTJ wants the best of the best, and that includes their coffee choices. Get them the cold brew machine that their favourite baristas are using – they’ll relish in the practicality of making their favourite drink at home.

For Your ENTJ Friend: The “Get Shit Done” Notebook That Harnesses Their Hardworking Spirit

If there’s anyone who can get a job done right the first time, it’s probably your ENTJ friend. Help them along in their undertakings with this journal that matches their industrious, hardworking spirit.

For Your ENTJ Boss: The Pen Holder They Actually Want

Your ENTJ boss isn’t big on senseless gifts – but this one makes a whole lot of sense to them. Give them the stab-pad that they really need to get through the day – it might save the whole office some stress.

Want more ideas for the ENTJ in your life? Check out the full ENTJ gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your ENTP Parent: The Pancake Printer That Will Revolutionize Household Breakfasts

Your ENTP parent has always loved strange, novel inventions – and a 3D pancake printer certainly fits that bill. Help them revolutionize breakfast with this incredible pancake maker – it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy.

For Your ENTP Sibling: The Android Pet That’s Impossible To Accidentally Kill

You suspect that your ENTP sibling has a heart, but you’re quite certain that they don’t have the diligence to keep a pet alive. This android pet offers a happy in-between – your sibling can practice loving something besides themselves, without the risk of that thing accidentally dying. That is, as long as they remember to change the batteries.

For Your ENTP Significant Other: Headphones They Can Wear To Sleep

Your ENTP partner is probably fond of music – at all hours of the day and night. These snazzy headphones finally allow them the opportunity to bring their music comfortably to bed with them – without you having to hear it too.

For Your ENTP Friend: A Self-Destructing Notebook For Their Many Fleeting Ideas

Your ENTP friend loves to tell you about their latest schemes – but it’s getting somewhat tricky to keep track. With this double-ringed notebook, your ENTP friend will have to throw out their last idea before starting a new one – a process that may just help streamline their thoughts.

For Your ENTP Boss: Glow-In-The Dark Toilet Paper, To Keep Things Weird At The Office

If you had any other boss, it would be totally strange to give them glow-in-the-dark toilet paper as a gift. But you don’t have any other boss. You have an ENTP. And (s)he is going to think that it’s hilarious.

Want more ideas for the ENTP in your life? Check out the full ENTP gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your INTJ Parent: The Practical iPad Cover They’ve Been Searching For

Your INTJ parent isn’t a dinosaur – but they aren’t hopping on the technology bandwagon unless they see a direct purpose for doing so. Impress them with the practicality of this versatile iPad cover – and if you’re feeling particularly generous, spot them the iPad as well.

For Your INTJ Sibling: A Simple Guide To Getting Their Clothing Game Together

You love your sibling – you really do – but they are absolutely hopeless with fashion. This holiday season, give them a thoughtful, practical guide for putting clothes on in the morning. They may sneer at its pages initially, but rest assured they’ll put it to good use.

For Your INTJ Significant Other: The Book That Helps Them Understand How To Relate To You Better

INTJs are highly invested in the health of their personal relationships – and believe it or not, they want to know how to relate to you better. Give them this informative book that outlines how others like to both give and receive acts of love. They’ll enjoy the systematic explanation, and you’ll reap the corresponding rewards.

For Your INTJ Friend: The Book That Takes Introspection To A New Level

INTJs are ceaselessly introspective – and this hefty questionnaire brings self-analysis to a whole new level. Helping your INTJ friend understand themselves better is truly one of the best gifts you could give them.

For Your INTJ Boss: The Myers-Briggs Mug That Helps Them Psychoanalyze Their House Guests

INTJs enjoy telling others about their favourite thoughts and theories – but they can’t always find a way to bring those theories up. Enter the casual coffee mug that will spiral unsuspecting houseguests down a rabbit hole of self-analysis. AKA your average coffee date with an INTJ.

Want more ideas for the INTJ in your life? Check out the full INTJ gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your INTP Parent: The Bookcase Chair That Maximizes Learning And Laziness

INTPs love learning, almost as much as they hate getting up and finding the things that they want. Indulge both of their favourite activities with this two-in-one bookcase chair! You may actually never see your parent again!

For Your INTP Sibling: The Way-Out Nightlight They Can Use To Galaxy Gaze

While most of us find outer space terrifying, your INTP sibling most likely finds it fascinating. Give them this galaxy nightlight to lull them to sleep among the stars. It’s like those glow-in-the-dark stars they once had pasted to their ceiling, but way cooler.

For Your INTP Significant Other: The Bed-Friendly iPad Stand That Lets You Both Binge-Watch Netflix

Let’s be serious – you two fiend Netflix a lot. And it would be really nice to do it in bed, on your iPads, without having to crane your necks. It’s about time you just cut to the chase and invested in one of these babies.

For Your INTP Friend: An Informative Piece Of Art That They May Actually Want To Hang Up

Your INTP friend isn’t huge on artwork – but they might be if artwork were in equal parts informative and strange. This anatomically correct drawing is exactly what might finally prompt them to hang something up – something all their houseguests can learn from.

For Your INTP Boss: The Laboratory Beakers That Let Them Take The Science Home

Not ALL INTPs work in a lab – but enough do to make these beaker glasses a raging hit. Give them to the boss who never wants to go home – just make sure they don’t mix them up with the real lab beakers when they’re exhausted.

Want more ideas for the INTP in your life? Check out the full INTP gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your ESFJ Parent: The Spa Blanket That Pampers For Less

Your ESFJ parent spends a lot of time making sure you’re comfortable, happy and taken care of. Now it’s time to give them the device that ensures the same for them! Pamper your ESFJ parent with this delightfully cozy blanket that spoils them the way they spoil you!

For Your ESFJ Sibling: The Basic Black Bag That Goes With Absolutely Everything

Your sibling never wants compromise either style or practicality – and this versatile black handbag ensures they never have to. It’s sleek enough to go with any outfit and roomy enough to hold just about anything they need – perfect for the person who’s always prepared!

For Your ESFJ Significant Other: Adorable Couple’s Pillows

They may not always admit it, but your ESFJ partner is all about the corny romantic couple-stuff. These adorable pillows is a subtle reminder of how much you love them – even when you can’t spend the night.

For Your ESFJ Friend: The Wine Opener You Both Need In Your Lives

So you may not be full-on adults yet, but who says you can’t fake it with this classy wine opener? Help your friend impress all their future important houseguests – while you continue to come over with $10 bottles of whatever wine happens to be on sale.

For Your ESFJ Boss: Cleansing Detox Tea

Ain’t nobody got time for juice cleanses – give your ESFJ boss or colleague the simple, 28 day tea detox that will leave them feeling healthy and renewed. It’s the ideal treat for them to unwind with after work.

Want more ideas for the ESFJ in your life? Check out the full ESFJ gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your ESTJ Parent: The Only Blender They’re Ever Going To Need

Your ESTJ parent is all about quality – so if you get them an appliance, it has to be one they can rely on. With this popular blender, they can choose the exact accessories they need. You know they’ll have specific ideas, so just provide them with the basic machine and let them decide on the rest.

For Your ESTJ Sibling: The Toothbrush That Soothes Their Inner Germaphobe

It may not be the world’s most exciting gift, but it is one that they will appreciate. With a toothbrush holder that de-sanitizes your toothbrush automatically, every germaphobe will be in heaven.

For Your ESTJ Significant Other: The Clean, Classic Bedding Set They’ve Been Looking For

Your ESTJ significant other has been looking to spruce up their place – but they hate to spend unnecessary money. Give their bedroom the touch of class it’s been needing with these crisp, classic sheets – they’ll be pleased with the grown-up look it gives the place.

For Your ESTJ Friend: Touch Screen Gloves That Arent Totally Heinous

Your ESTJ friend is one busy guy or gal. They need to be able to check their notifications on the go – even when it’s cold out. Enter these stylish gloves. They compliment any outfit and allow your friend to keep themselves wired. Productivity hacked.

For Your ESTJ Boss: The Pen Holder They Need To Slash Their Stress In Half

Let’s not beat around the bush – there are days where you’re all pretty sure that someone is going to get stabbed in the office. It might as well be the penholder.

Want more ideas for the ESTJ in your life? Check out the full ESTJ gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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For Your ISFJ Parent: A Taste Test Of Quality Ingredients

ISFJs are creatures of habit – and yet, eating the same thing every day gets old. Get your ISFJ parent a sampler pack of delicious new ingredients for them to try out – if they like them, they can commit to having more delivered. If not, there’s no pressure for them to renew.

For Your ISFJ Sibling: Cozy Slippers For A Good Cause

Not only are these socks incredibly cozy and warm, but the proceeds go to a great cause. Engage your ISFJ sibling’s humanitarian interests while keeping their feet comfy and snug!

For Your ISFJ Significant Other: The Shower Curtain That Will Whisk You Away Every Morning

Give your ISFJ partner a miniature getaway every morning with this gorgeous mountainscape curtain. You know they’re secretly longing for a simple life away from it all – but until you can actually get them that, the fixings will have to do.

For Your ISFJ Friend: A Coloring Book Of Famous Heartthrobs That Would Help Anyone De-Stress

It’s tricky to feel stressed or unhappy when you’re colouring in photos of your favourite male celebs. Take our word for it.

For Your ISFJ Boss: The Exact Kit That They Need To Relax After A Long Day At Work

ISFJs are the masters of over-extending themselves – they’ll work tirelessly at a job until it’s done, and they often need a reminder that they deserve to relax. Give your boss that exact reminder with this luxurious bath kit. They’ll come back the next day revived.

Want more ideas for the ISFJ in your life? Check out the full ISFJ gift collection on Shop Catalog here.

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