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A free alternative to Microsoft Office

Q. I thought my new computer came with Microsoft Office, but it doesnt. Are there any alternatives that are cheaper?

A. Many new PCs used to come with Microsoft Office installed, but Microsoft is now pushing users toward a subscription for Microsoft Office 365. If youre on a budget, its hard to beat the free Libre Office suite. It has Libre Writer, which is similar to Word; Libre Impress, which is similar to PowerPoint; and Libre OfficeCalc, which works like Excel. Compatibility with Microsoft products isnt a problem. If someone sends you a document from Microsoft Office, youll receive a prompt that asks if youd like to open it in Libre. Click here for more information on this free alternative to Microsoft Office.

Stop a text from sending before its too late

Q. Oops! I sent a text, but it was a mistake. Is there any way to stop a text from being delivered?

A. You can, so long as you move quickly. If you see the word Sending at the top of your phone screen, you still have time. Put your phone in Airplane Mode. That will shut down your phones transmitters and keep the message from sending. If you catch it in time, youll see a red exclamation point next to the text message, and an alert that says, Not delivered. For step-by-step instructions and screenshots, click here.

Get your favorite podcasts even while you sleep

Q. Im new to podcasts. How do I download them and make sure I dont miss any new ones?

A. If youre using an iPhone or iPad to download and listen to podcasts, subscribing is simple. Open the Podcasts app and search for the podcast youre interested in, such as mine, Kim Komando. Tap the name and then tap the purple Subscribe button. From now on, new episodes will be automatically delivered to your device. For Android users, the process is slightly different, since it requires third-party apps. Click here for step-by-step instructions to get podcasts on your Android tablet or smartphone.

Choosing the right eReader for your lifestyle

Q. I was thinking about getting an Amazon Fire. There are so many models. Which one is the best?

A. If youre looking for a great eReader, get the basic model thats around $50. But if you want something to use for streaming movies, browsing the web, Facebooking, emailing, etc., youll want a model that comes with Dual-band Wi-Fi. The HD 6 and HD 7 are good options. Theyre priced around $120-$150, but they have up to only 16 GB of storage. If you need more storage, check out the HDX 8.9, which has up to 64 GB of storage, and a micro-HDMI port. Still not sure which Amazon Fire is best for you? Check out my comparison guide for a full breakdown of features.

Finding the right laptop for college-bound kids

Q. My son is about to graduate and head off to college. Is there a particular laptop you recommend?

A. If your son will be majoring in anything related to art, design, video or photography, a Mac might be the best option. A MacBook Pro typically has better color accuracy, and youll want at least a 13-inch screen. (Not sure which Mac is the best fit? Click here to see my comparison guide.) If your son needs a laptop for writing, researching and completing assignments, a PC or Chromebook will meet his needs with a much cheaper price tag. Depending on his needs, you may also consider getting him a versatile tablet. Click here for a list of questions to ask that will help you find the best laptop at the right price.

Bonus: Make sure youre getting the Internet speed youre paying for

Q: Im paying a lot for my Internet, but lately it feels like its dragging. How can I check to make sure Im getting the speed Im paying for?

A: You can use a site like to see how your connection speed compares to whats listed in your contract. But dont jump to conclusions if the results come back low. Run a few tests at different times of the day to make sure the readings are consistently low. Connection speed typically slows down during evening peak hours. If it does turn out that your connection speed is slower than it should be, there are multiple things that could be causing it. Test your router and modem to make sure theyre working properly. Click here and learn how to test your networks bandwidth.

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