Spotify vs Pandora vs Google Play: The Best Music Streaming Apps

Fifteen years earlier, Rhapsody was the only name that mattered in streaming music. Today, Rhapsody is owned by Napster, and both services have actually been minimized to footnotes in web history. In their wake, there’s a fight being waged for streaming supremacy– one that opens a library of 50 million tunes right from your pocket.

Some artists are special to specific services, most especially Jay-Z on Tidal, a service he is greatly bought, however the days of unique releases seem concerning an end. While in 2016, Beyonc’ s Lemonade, Drake ’ s View, and Kanye West ’ s The Life of Pablo brought huge focus on specific services like Apple Music and Tidal, we have not seen that technique duplicated effectively this year.

That implies that for the majority of listeners, the fight in between these business boils down to relieve of usage and functions. Every one deals with radio and playlists a little in a different way. Here’s exactly what you understand, and how each service compares to the assumed favorite: Spotify.

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The finest music streaming services of 2017

1. Spotify

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Cost: Streaming radio is totally free with advertisements, Students pay $4.99, Spotify Premium is $0.99 for 3 months and $9.99 a month after that. Households can get gain access to for 6 users for $14.99 a month.

Catalog: Over 30 million tunes, in addition to podcasts and video. While it doesn’ t have lots of unique releases, Spotify has actually curated live sessions offered called Spotify Singles where significant artists tape-record a couple of tracks particularly for the service.


How can I stream it? In addition to its desktop apps, Spotify has apps for iOS , Android , and Windows phones, PlayStation 3 and 4, Roku , TiVo, Sonos, Amazon Fire TELEVISION , and numerous clever TVs .

Features: Spotify has among the very best user interfaces in the streaming world. It’ s simple to comprehend with large playlist alternatives for any state of mind you might think of. Searching for dance tracks? The Discover Weekly playlist updates weekly with brand-new recommendations of artists to have a look at based upon your listening routines. It ’ s like having a good friend who advises brand-new bands to you each week. Beyond its playlists, Spotify Premium permits you to download playlists, albums, and tracks straight to your smart device for offline listening.

Downsides: The complimentary radio choice has a great deal of advertisements. We recommend paying for it if you desire to utilize Spotify.

2. Apple Music

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Cost: Three-month complimentary trial, then$ 4.99 for trainees,$ 9.99 for people, and$ 14.99 for a household of as much as 6 individuals.

Catalog: Over 30 million tracks, plus access to video. iTunes currently has a deep well of podcasts, however not in the Apple Music app. Apple Music likewise includes clever and curated playlists, along with unique video material.

How can I stream it? Apple Music can be streamed on desktops through iTunes, on Apple TELEVISION, or on mobile phones by means of iOS and Android apps.

Features: Now that Apple Music is moving far from unique albums, Beats 1 Radio is its most significant selling point. Unlike Pandora, which utilizes algorithms to pick exactly what you hear, Beats 1 is styled after real radio, with live DJs programing the playlists. And these aren ’ t simply any DJs. Apple has actually taken unbelievable care to occupy these channels with tastemakers from throughout the musical landscape, consisting of Zane Lowe, who left BBC 1 to sign up with Beats, rap radio icon Ebro Daren, as well as Drake on the OVO Sound Radio station.

Apple Music still has exclusives, however they presently mainly can be found in the type of video material that ’ s a mix of produced videos and live video. In July 2016, the business launched Kygo: Stole The Show , an initial documentary following the increase of EDM star Kygo, and just recently streamed an unique live efficiency from Arcade Fire debuting the band’s brand-new album Everything Now the day prior to it was launched. Apple has strategies to bring complete programs and productions to Apple Music in the future, investing greatly in the concept that video will be a big part of its success.

Apple Music permits you to download playlists, albums, and tracks straight to your smart device for offline listening. It’s good to be able to pay attention to as much music as you desire without consuming your information.

Spotify vs Apple Music: If all you wish to do is pay attention to albums, Apple Music has the exact same brochure as other individuals. No totally free choice.

3. Tidal

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Cost: 30-day totally free trial, then$ 10 a month for basic quality or$ 20 a month for lossless audio

Catalog: 30 million tracks, with a couple of ongoing exclusives. Jay-Z ’ s records are just readily available on Tidal, along withBeyonc ’ s Lemonade visual album.

How can I stream it: Tidal has a Windows app and a web gamer for desktop streaming. Mobile phone users can stream it on iOS and Android. The service provides apps for Sonos, Xbox 360, and TiVo. Some clever TVs, consisting of those made by Samsung and LG, likewise support the service.

Features: With the well of album exclusives drying up, Tidal is making its bones with special podcasts, playlists, and video material. Tidal routinely debuts brand-new video from increasing rap imitates Joey Bada$$ in addition to video footage from behind-the-scenes documentaries and live occasions. Tidal likewise includes an abundance of celeb playlists. If you have amazing earphones, you may be able to value the distinction in the quality of Tidal ’ s lossless$ 20 a month choices. Tidal permits you to download playlists, albums, and tracks straight to your smart device for offline listening.

Spotify vs Tidal: Tidalmainly sets itself apart with its lossless audio alternative, however that ’ s$ 10 a month more than everybody else and needs pricey earphones to take pleasure in truly. If you listen offline and would consume your information if you streamed them with Wi-Fi, lossless files take up a lot of area on your phone. Its brochure of exclusives is just interesting if you like rap music or EDM, and it’s lessening.

4. Pandora

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Cost: Free with advertisements, 30-day totally free trial then$ 4.99 for fundamental, or 60-day complimentary trial then$ 9.99 a month for a premium subscription.

Catalog: Pandora has the exact same 30 million tunes as everybody else without any exclusives to keep in mind, however that doesn ’ t imply you ’ ll hear as lots of tunes. Pandora takes pride in that. In an interview with Variety in 2017, CPO Chris Phillips discussed, “ We have access to the exact same music, however we are using curation. ” Pandora is less most likely to play you filler tracks that may turn up on other services and most likely to stay with the hits.

How can I stream it: Pandora uses a host of choices for streaming, which has actually assisted its appeal. You can download apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Sonos, PlayStation, Xbox, Kindle Fire, and Nook( keep in mind Nook? ). Pandora is likewise readily available on a variety of clever TVs, Blueray gamers, house audio setups and clever TVs. You can discover a total list here .


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Features: Because Pandora developed its fanbase as a streaming radio service, it has a few of the very best playlists out there. You ’ ll have actually found a couple of brand-new favorites along with hearing the Boss tunes you like if you play Bruce Springsteen radio by the end of an hour. Nation

music is an especially strong point, with 69 percent of its listeners registering for its Today ’ s Country station. Pandora’s brand-new Sounds Like You function, which includes unique tracks and playlists by artists, is greatly country-focused, though it likewise includes rap and pop imitates Halsey and Big Sean.

Here ’ s the thing,though: If you utilize Pandora ’ s radio stations frequently you ’ ll ultimately wind up with an ideal radio station for your tastes. Providing users the capability to like and do not like tracks enables Pandora’s algorithms to much better comprehend your tastes, whether you just pay attention to punk, nation, rap, or complimentary jazz. Pandora is likewise the most affordable service out there, though if you wish to pay attention to on-demand albums, you’ ll be paying the very same $9.99 rate as everybody else.

Pandora does include an offline mode, however it just permits you to download as much as 3 of your most paid attention to stations. This function is just offered for Pandora Plus customers.

Spotify vs Pandora: Pandora is created more for web radio than it is album streaming. It ’ s likewise deeply beholden to exactly what you like, making finding brand-new music more difficult than more broadly focused services. You have to understand to look for it if you desire to discover something on Pandora. With Spotify’s Radio function getting much better and much better, it’s tough to see a future for Pandora.

5. Amazon Music Unlimited

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Cost: 30-day totally free trial then it gets a little complex. If you ’ re a Prime customer, Amazon Music Unlimted costs$ 7.99 a month or$ 79 a year for a specific or$ 149 a year for a household of 6. For non-Prime consumers, it ’ s$ 9.99 a month or$ 14.99 a month for a household strategy. If you just intend on listening by means of an Amazon Alexa gadget, the Echo strategy costs simply$ 4.99 a month.

Please keep in mind: Amazon Music Unlimited is various than Prime Music, which features every Amazon Prime account and provides 2 million tunes on-demand.

Catalog: Amazon states it has 10s of countless tunes. Its list of indie music and pre-major label rap might be weak, however if you simply pay attention to significant label artists, you most likely won ’ t notification.

How can I stream it: Apps are offered to stream Amazon Music Unlimited on iOS, Android, Mac and PC, Amazon Echo, and Fire TELEVISION. You can likewise stream on house entertainment systems like Roku and Sonos.

Features: What Amazon calls skillfully curated playlists. I ’ ve utilized them, and they ’ re excellent, though they seldom feel as ideal as those on Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. If you ’ re listening on an Amazon gadget like the Echo, Amazon Fire TELEVISION, or Amazon Tap, you can pay attention to music utilizing Alexa voice control, which is great. Having the ability to state “ play me the brand-new Florida Georgia Line tune ” and having it instantly play exactly what you desire seems like magic, specifically if you ’ re working and your hands are hectic. You can likewise ask Alexa to play music that matches a state of mind or circumstance, like a supper celebration or falling asleep.

Albums on the service can be downloaded for offline listening. This function is offered on Amazon Music for Android, iOS, and Fire tablets.

Spotify vs Amazon Music Unlimited: Amazon Music Unlimited has less alternatives and less functions than the remainder of the pack. There’s no need to pick it over the competitors unless you wish to include it to your Amazon Prime account.

6. Google Play Music

Photo by means of Google Music Play

Cost: 30-day complimentary trial, a complimentary radio choice, and$ 9.99 a month for a private or$ 14.99 a month for as much as 6 member of the family.

Catalog: 30 million tracks, with files that have somewhat much better sound quality( 320 Kps MP3s) than Apple( 256 Kps AACs files) or Spotify (320 Kbps OGGs). Otherwise, Google Play Unlimited ’ s brochure ranks along with Spotify ’ s concerning quality, down to the capability to download and stream podcasts from the service.

How can I stream it: At the minute you can just stream Google Play Music by means of an iOS or Android app, a web gamer, or by means of Sonos or Chromecast.

Features: Google Play Music ’ s service operates at both a streaming service, a location to stream your music, and shop. You can purchase albums, download streaming for offline listening, or publish as much as 50,000 of your tunes from your computer system for online streaming. If you ’ ve invested years constructing your playlists, it ’ s good to be able to take them in addition to you through your uploaded tunes.

As we pointed out above, Google Play Music has greater quality audio than Apple or Spotify, though if you ’ re not rocking great earphones, you more than likely won ’ t notification the subtleties. If you ’ ve downloaded Google ’ s Sound Search App, which pays attention to a playing tune and determines it, Google Play Music can take that information and conserve the track for you for later on.

Google Play Music permits you to download tracks, albums, and playlists straight to your mobile phone for offline listening.

The greatest benefit of registering for Google Play Music, nevertheless, is the consisted of membership to YouTube Red, which offers youad-free YouTube watching, access to initial material from YouTube , and audio-only playback of YouTube videos on mobile phones. YouTube Red costs$ 10 by itself, so it ’ s a 2nd service free of charge.

Spotify vs Google Play Music: If all you appreciate are albums, Google Play Music has the very same choices as everybody else, though the YouTube Red alternative makes it simple to bring up anything you desire from YouTube.