18 thoughts on “Singer Futura Computerized Embroidery Machine – CRAFT Video

  1. I just got my machine and they have worked through many of the software issues mentioned earlier. There is no comparison between the Futura line and other machines which require additional cards, discs and other means to purchase designs. With Auto-Punch Software, the Futura can even use coloring books and clip-art to create and stitch out images. You need a computer and a scanner -which most printers come with. Endless creativity! Do the math. Practice. You'll love it.

  2. My machine is work , but they came out very poor, At first I thought I design is not clear , but I use there design build in , they came out very poor too , , so I think , I need take the class , But i got my machine online , so now I don't know where I will take a class at, If you know where , please let me know, I'm in Arizona. Thanks

  3. took me 2 years of arguing to get the dealer to replace my lemon. There is very little support for singer. I've tried to use the auto punch only to have the design turn out all distorted. i'm not having fun with this machine. I have the ce 350 with all the bells and whistles that aren't much good with the limited manuals available.

  4. There's a patch on the website now so it works perfectly with 64-bit machines — I just got the 350 model and run it off a Dell Studio V64. Hope it will work for you now!

  5. I have had the CE-100 machine and it works great. There is a learning curve and you have to be really patient. Be sure you are using the most up to date software for it…upload the patches as they become available. Version solved a lot of problems. Your dealer will replace the whole machine if you get a lemon, but they have solved a lot of the mfg problems they were having when this first came out in 2006. It is awesome and cost less than $400.

  6. Good Machine, Bad suport, My cd driver and software is damage and the singer web page not have suport to download, other web pages sell this software for
    +100 dlls.

  7. Please if anyone is thinking about getting this machine do your research. U can not use Vista 64 bit computer with this. And they are working to trying to get the patch to make it work the vista 64 bit

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