She Said Yes & He Ditched His Bride72 Yrs Later, Watch What He Does With the SAME Ring

He kept it since 1944 …

Meet Nora and Roy.

These two lovebirds met when they were just 13 years old,and they were smitten with each other at first sight.

“When the teacher told the class there’s a new boy from London, all the faces turned toward me but the only one I saw was Nora,” Roy told ABC News. “I thought to myself, she’s the girl for me.”

“I used to pass little notes across to her from my notebook asking her to meet me in the playground,” said Roy through a contagious chuckle that had his old flame feeling all sortsa 17again by the smile on her face.

The two fell hard for one another and got engaged just before Roy went abroad to serve in the British Army. They wrote “pages and pages of letters” to each other while he was away, but when he returned, things just weren’t the same.

Roycame back from the war a “nervous wreck” after being wounded, and developed post-traumatic stress disorder. He felt like he could no longer deal with the stress of the wedding given his current mental state, so he called off the engagement.

The two parted for over 70years, but neither one could forget about the other. They each moved on and got married, but Roy’s wife passed away in 2012 and Nora’s husband died about 12 years ago.

“To be honest, I had always thought about Nora the whole time,” he said. “I was always wondering how Nora was.”

Well just last year, he decided to do something about it. Roy called the BBC radio show and shared how he regretted never getting to apologize to Nora for how he left her. Though a producer managed to find Nora’s address rather quickly, Roy debated about going to see her for a month before he took action.

“I didn’t want to intrude if Nora had a husband, but one day, I just thought, ‘No, I’ll just go get some flowers and tell them I’d like to ask how Nora is and that I’d like to apologize to her for what happened,’” said Roy.

But when Roy showed up at her door with his “I’m sorry” bouquet, Nora swooned for her old sweetheart all over again. After all those years, she recognized him right away.

“She told me, ‘Oh Roy, I thought I’d never see you again,’”he said. “And then she gave me a kiss and said, ‘Hold me.’”

Since their long-awaited reunion, Roy has continued to visit her every day, and on March 26, the 90-year-old got down on one knee and asked his 89-year-old sweetie to be his bride one more time.

What’s even more adorable is that he used the exact same ring that he proposed to her with back in 1944. He held on to it all this time.

Wedding plans are in the making, and Roy sure won’t be backing out this time!

“It would certainly do for me if we could wed in a week!” he told ABC, adding that he believes fate brought them back together.

“I’m sure it was the will of God,” he said.

Watch more of Roy and Nora’s story in their precious interview with SWNS TV below.

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