Setting Up Celestron NexStar SE Computerized Telescopes

Who says Astronomy has to be complicated? Let a NexStar SE help you find thousands of stars, planets galaxies and more at the touch of a button! The new NexStar SE Family combines unprecedented ease of use with advanced features and incredible value. Buyer’s remorse not included.

History and physics of the CT scanner
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20 thoughts on “Setting Up Celestron NexStar SE Computerized Telescopes

  1. I'm wanting to buy one of the Celestron NexStar SE's inbetween $500 to $650 what is the best in this situation?

  2. Wow, i watched this entire video, and the entire one of the history of X-rays, and it helped so much with my class assignments. Thank you very much Dr Klioze.

  3. Very good illustration! I'm currently studying for my CT certification and this answered some questions for me that just hadn't sunk in. Thank you :-)

  4. Great video. I'm a Radiologic Technologist (X-ray Tech) currently taking Computed Tomography program and this helps me understand the Machine and the pioneers that made this possible to see the internal organs and Bones in 3D images. Transverse ,Sagittal ,Coronal and oblique views. Thank for posting this great video.

  5. impressive you have to realize xrays and all our modern society is only 100 years old.. thinnk about it back in the old west they didnt have cars cellphones… we right now are in the begining of modern society.. another 100 years omg well be in space flying anti grav cars.. another 100 visiting planets.. boy i wish i could be born 500 years from now or more…

  6. Thank u DR for best Knowledge you share with us thank u again…. I had repaired lots of  siemens Ct scan but i have not seen such old machine thank u heartly once again….

  7. As an inventor / Artist, i totally understand how filtered-back-projection works.. its all about overlapping speed. i recently discovered this technique while inventing my own 3D scanners.

  8. As a CT Technologist, this was a very informative presentation and it did an excellent job of showing images of old scans and scanners that most techs never have the chance to see.

  9. Excellent presentation. I'm a nuclear medicine technologist and a lot of the technology used in CT scanning is also used in my SPECT scanning. I always get a kick out of telling patients how they can thank the Beatles for the technology used in their stress test imaging.

  10. please help me ,I have a research project about ct scan and my Supervisor want from me to bring a copy of the internal CD of the device and i could not find it so plz tell me where can i find it or give me a link.

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