Parents Honor Late Daughter And Live Out Her Bucket List

It hasn’t been easy for parents Sandra and David Chesterman to handle the loss of their daughter. Kristina was killed when a drunk driver hit her on her bike. She was just 21 years old and had dreams of becoming a nurse. When Sandra and David were cleaning out her old apartment, Sandra opened up her daughter’s old makeup bag. In there was tiny sheet of notebook paper. It was Kristina’s bucket list. The parents think she must’ve written long before she passed away, during high school.

“I mean what kid writes a bucket list? There’s not many,”Sandra told CBS’ Steve Hartman. “She wanted to tour Niagara Falls. Save someone’s life which she did that, many times over by donating her organs, she saved lives. This next one makes me laugh. She wanted to break up a fight between two guys over her, which I think is so cute. And I don’t know that it ever happened, but it should have.”

After they discovered the list, the parents decided to complete it. Kristina may not have gotten to do all of them, but perhaps in this way, it’s like she did. The couple went to Niagara Falls, took flying lessons, and ran through a field of poppies. When they began to share their story, something amazing happened. Others started living out Kristina’s bucket list, too. Total strangers would take Kristina’s photo around the world.

“It’s hard still to get up in the morning, but this is what does it. This is what gets me up,” Sandra said.

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