Never forget Benghazi with this incredible Hillary merch

Oh, Im ready for Hillary to fess up about Benghazi.

The former secretary of state testified before the House Benghazi committee on Thursday. We were hoping the truth would come outfour died because Hillary liedbut it was nothing but tired antics from Clinton.

Were not going to let her get away that easy, though. After all, Hillary might be our next president, and we cant have that. Ive assembled a team of passionate Benghazi truthers to protest Hillary along the campaign trail. And you better believe were going to be decked out in the freshest Benghazi swag.

Its easy to findjust search for Benghazi on any DIY merchandise site like Cafe Press, Zazzle, or Redbubble.

Make sure your team looks the part with Remember Benghazi T-shirts.

Catch them all!

The Big Bang Theory fan on your team can choose between a standard tee, or this excellent shirt that pays homage to Sheldon in the style of the Bazinga shirt.

Carry around all Benghazi-related books, secret documents, and shredded memos in this one-of-a-kind tote.

Not big enough? Then spring for the duffel bag.

Be sure to write down every time Hillary tries to cover up her lies with this Benghazi spiral notebook.

Dont forget to pick up a Hillary for Prison 2016 ballpoint pen.

Remember: Benghazi protests are pet friendly.

Dont get too hungry following the Hillary campaign.

Keep your stomach questioning with this Beast of Benghazi jumbo cookie and a piece of Ready for Hillary to stop lying about Benghazi brownie.

Impress your team with a Benghazi is her only accomplishment cheeseboard.

When youre fighting for the truth, sometimes a quick swig of whiskey helps.

Never forget to remember Benghazi even in your dreams.

(Footie pajamas are available in pink or creme.)

And just because Hillary covered up, it doesnt mean you have to.

Illustration by Max Fleishman

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