Hurricane Maria took everything, but it gave med student a calling

(CNN)Juan Carlos Rodriguez can still hear the winds that ripped apart his school campus. The cravings from food rationing stays fresh as does the worry of machete-armed gangs strolling close by while he and others waited and gathered for aid.

Lifetime in a knapsack

Hurricane Maria took practically whatever from Rodriguez conserve for exactly what he might suit a knapsack: the medical school he participated in on the Caribbean island country of Dominica and his household’s house in Puerto Rico. He promises it will not take his future– undoubtedly, it has actually assisted him discover it.
From his uncle’s home in Homestead, Florida, Rodriguez calls his experience making it through Maria “life-decisive.” In an interview by phone, he informed CNN it has actually pressed him to pursue a brand-new profession course in his last term at Ross University School of Medicine– emergency situation medication.

It was a choice born in the middle of a crisis.

The very first individual he saved

Hours of pleading with school security lastly settled.
With Hurricane Maria’s eye 30 minutes far from landfall on Dominica on September 18, Rodriguez encouraged security to enable another trainee– somebody he had actually never ever fulfilled– to bring his pet dog into the trainee center shelter at Ross University.
Rodriguez and 2 gatekeeper ventured out in a pickup to save the trainee and canine from a home. As they owned back towards school, trees snapped throughout the road, while heavy winds rocked the car.
      Drone video footage reveals damage in Dominica

    Doctors of tomorrow

    Their houses in mess up after the storm, trainees, professors and personnel dripped onto the Ross University school near Portsmouth while looking for water, shelter and food.
    “Most of the trainees’ locations were entirely amounted to,” Rodriguez informed CNN. “Everybody needed to go to school regardless.”
    A backup generator supplied welcome solace for lots of, however an absence of water significantly impacted the capability to keep conditions hygienic at the trainee.

    Rodriguez and about 50 other trainees rapidly delved into action and changed exactly what little bit of the school worked into a working shelter. Organizing into groups, they dealt with the jobs they had to endure.
    Some started cleaning up the horrifyingly unhygienic restrooms in the trainee center, while others prepared the one everyday meal they might allocate to the almost 1,000 individuals Rodriguez approximated took haven there.
    “Everybody that got the ball did so in such a method you saw the sort of doctors that they were going to be,” Rodriguez stated. “People that … I would feel really comfy putting my life into their hands. … It’s not something you find out in the books. It’s something that you have or do not have. Duration.”