How Trump goes from ‘self-funding’ to fundraising

Washington (CNN)Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump goes from self-proclaimed “self-funding” to courting GOP donors, while Hillary Clinton has a secret weapon when it comes to taking on her GOP rival.

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    1) Trump goes from ‘self-funding’ to courting cash

    Donald Trump has gone from Republican presidential candidate to presumptive GOP nominee. His next transition? He’ll need to go from “self-funding” to courting big money donors.



      Clinton’s secret weapon


    Her biggest secret weapon when it comes to tackling Trump is her relentless opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders. The liberal Vermont senator understands the need to defeat Trump (of course, he says the person best suited to do that is himself). Going into the fall, if Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, Sanders might ease up on his his anti-Trump message. But as CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reports, the Clinton camp wants Sanders to continue his assault.
    “He is going to be critical here into bringing his voters to stand up against Donald Trump,” Zeleny says. “There’s a lot of reason to believe he will do that. Harry Reid, the Democratic leader in the Senate, is very close to Bernie Sanders. So he is going to be the one sort of brokering this kind of peacemaking summit (between Clinton and Sanders), which is about a month away at least.”

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