How To Thread Your Brother CE8080PRW Computerized Sewing Machine

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20 thoughts on “How To Thread Your Brother CE8080PRW Computerized Sewing Machine

  1. Thank you Thank you so very much! I just got this sewing machine from my husband and have never used one before. The directions in the book were so confusing and you have helped me learn to thread this so easily! Im so excited! lol

  2. I just picked up a Brother sewing machine and could not thread the dang thing….until your awesome video! Thank you!!!! it was awesome!

  3. You're so awesome for this. I couldn't find the tutorial for the CE8100 so, I watched yours since the machines are similar. You can't possibly know how much this helped. Thanks !!!

  4. Hi Diva, I just got that sewing machine and have a ruffler attachment presser foot from singer, any idea if it works on this sewing machine?

  5. This video helped me alot. it got me started with my CE 80 80 machine. I was sewing last night and the needle got stock. I have tried getting it out but couldn't. Pls help me. If u can make a video or give me instructions on how to get d needle out and get the machine working again.

  6. Do you have a video on what to do after this video?? Thank you so much for for videos on the sewing machine. Watching the videos has been a big help .

  7. I just opened mine a few mins ago and hooked everything up. I've watched three tutorials, but your by far was the most helpful. I am
    Now subbed to your channel and I will be in the Fabric store some time tomm after work. Thanks for this tutorial without it a lot of us would be just lost and clueless lmao.

  8. Omg beautiful
    Thank you so much sweetheart
    I just bought mine lol and I was wondering how the heck to do this
    Thank you very much I love you

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