How To Make An Easy And Cute Dry Erase Board At Home

I am the kind of person who loves to be organized. I hate clutter, I’m obsessed with color coding, and I love to make lists always have, always will.

That’s why it drives me crazy to find an old closet or box filled to the brim with unfinished and not-yet-begun projects, inspired by all the amazing DIY projects I come across.

So, to better organize my life, I make lists for all kinds of things; from cleaning out my closets to finally finishing those old crafts,I have a list for almost everything!

But if there’s one thing I know from being a lifelong list jotter, it’s that lists can pile upmore than the clutter you’re trying to clear…

That’s why I love this DIY dry erase board! As explained in this exclusive video, all you’ll need are some empty picture frames, some cute card stock or paper, and a dry erase marker.

Be sure to watch the video tutorial at the end, and let us know if this is something you’d like to make at home!

Do you have empty picture frames that you just don’t know what to do with? Transform them into adorable and functional dry erase boards!


Instead of a family photo, slip in a cute piece of paper and close it up. Here, they’ve used notebook paper to make an adorable graduation gift.


But you can also use something more colorful, like vintage wallpaper. Once your frame is closed, grab a dry erase marker and write directly on the glass. Leave cute love notes, jot down thoughts, or use it as a “To Do” list!


Looking for a more rustic look? Slip in a cut of burlap for a country chic vibe.


Or, if you want something more modern, opt for flat sheet metal.


You can also use a collage frame to leave yourself notes for certain days of the week, like appointments.


Or you can use paint chips and create an entire calendar.


To learn how to do this at home, be sure to watch the video below! The options are truly endless.


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