Holly Bobo case: Prosecutors describe her last hours in murder trial closing arguments

Zachary Adams is on trial for the murder of Holly Bobo, who disappeared in 2011. (Kenneth Cummings/The Jackson Sun through AP, Pool, File)

A district attorney explained in graphic information Thursday the last hours of Holly Bobo’s life, informing jurors about how she was beaten and “gang-raped” prior to being shot in the head at point-blank variety by the male on trial for her murder.

“They ripped Holly’s clothing off– her blue denims and her panties– and one by one they lined up,” district attorney Jennifer Nichols informed jurors in closing arguments. “They took turns.”

“That’s exactly what she went through her last early morning in the world. She was killed– easy and plain,” Nichols stated, prior to holding up an image of Holly’s skull in one hand and a picture of the beaming, blonde-haired nursing trainee in the other.

Nichols’ words concluded the prosecution’s closing argument in their case versus Zachary Adams, who is on trial for kidnapping, killing the lady and raping. Bobo was 20 years old when she was taken by a complete stranger outside her household’s rural house in Darden, Tenn., on April 13, 2011, private investigators. Her partial remains showed up in woods near Adams ’ house– about 10 miles to the north — in September 2014.

Holly Bobo

Jurors began pondering Thursday afternoon. Adams might deal with the death charge if founded guilty of murder.

Prosecutors stated 3 other guys participated in the criminal offense: Jason Autry, a co-defendant who affirmed in information about his function in the murder, John “Dylan” Adams, the offender’s bro, and Shane Austin, who devoted suicide in 2015.

Zachary Adams, 33, has actually pleaded innocent to felony first-degree murder, specifically exacerbated kidnapping and exacerbated rape. In closing arguments, defense lawyer Jennifer Thompson informed jurors that Adams is “one hundred percent innocent of the charges he deals with in this case.”

Thompson, who promoted almost 2 hours, stated the prosecution’s theory was “loaded with holes” and declared there was no proof straight connecting Adams to the murder.

“The cases in criminal court are not about exactly what is possible, however exactly what is provable without an affordable doubt,” Thompson stated in her closing declaration.

Autry had actually affirmed that Adams requested his assistance in getting rid of Bobo’s body. The 2 males owned to the Tennessee River with Bobo covered in a blanket in the back of a pickup, inning accordance with Autry. The strategy, he informed jurors, was to “ gut her ” and “ put her in the deep end ” of river so that her body would not drift to the water ’ s surface area. When Bobo — who was believed to be dead — moved her foot and made a sound, Adams shot her in the head as Autry made sure no one else was viewing, he affirmed.

Thompson called Autry’s variation of occasions “outrageous” and declared he created a lie so the state would not look for the capital punishment in his case.

Holly Bobo’s remains were discovered in 2014.

“Jason Autry has actually offered his capital punishment to the federal government,” Thompson stated. “The only rate he needed to pay was this tall story he developed in January.”

Thompson stated the guy accountable for Bobo’s murder is Terry Britt, a founded guilty sex wrongdoer understood in your area as “Chester the Molester” who was at one thought about a suspect by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Earlier Thursday, Assistant District Attorney Paul Hagerman stated Adams explained the murder weapon to a fellow prisoner prior to it was understood to private investigators and had “fractures in the trick” from the start.

The prisoner, Shawn Cooper, affirmed that Adams asked him in March 2014 to inform his sibling to “keep his mouth shut” or he would “put him in a hole next to her.”

At the time, both he and Cooper were being held at the Chester County Jail in different cases. Cooper was waiting for transfer to Obion County Jail, where Adams’ sibling was being held.

“He stated, ‘I’m not fretted since they got no body and they got no weapon,'” Hagerman priced estimate Adams as stating at the time.

The supposed murder weapon– a. 32 quality weapon– was not discovered by detectives till early 2017, Hagerman kept in mind to jurors. Bobo’s remains were discovered in September 2014, 6 months after the supposed discussion in between Adams and Cooper.

“Who understood in March 2014 that she had been shot?” Hagerman stated. “Her body had not been discovered.”

“Nobody in this world understood if she was strangled … stabbed,” Hagerman stated.

“Nobody in this world understood other than the 2 males who existed when it occurred,” he stated, describing Adams and Autry.

As the state concluded its case, jurors were revealed the “pledge ring” that Bobo’s partner provided her for Christmas in 2010. The prosecution likewise revealed them her note pad– with “ Student Nurse ” and a smiley face composed on the cover– and the bagged lunch Bobo’s mom had actually loaded for her that early morning.

Bobo was “simply attempting to be the very best trainee nurse she might perhaps be,” stated Nichols.

Cristina Corbin is a Fox News press reporter based in New York. Follow her on Twitter @CristinaCorbin.