He Didn’t Mean to Make an Elderly Man Cry in Public, but DangI’m Kinda Glad He Did

He was sitting in Chick-fil-A watching a man in his 80s spoonfeed his wife with dementia.

When Greg Peterson walked into Chick-fil-A with his family last week, he didn’t know he’d be getting a chicken sandwich with a dose of The Notebook on the side. As Greg looked across their table and noticed a man in his 80s spoonfeeding his wife, he couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the man’s patience and act of “pure love.”

In a Facebook postby Love What Matters, he shares his emotional encounter with this devout husband that left the elderly man in tears and a permanent imprint on Greg’s heart:

“I was in Chick-fil-A on Friday with my wife and youngest son. He was running around the playground like a wild child, as an elderly couple sat across from us. I noticed the wife could barely feed herself and they had to be in their 80s. As I sat with my wife, I was grateful for this moment. In the chaos of my own world, here’s a couple who came out to share love. He fed his wife patiently as I sat in awe and amazement, witnessing pure love. This couple had it. I snapped a picture as a memory that true love does exist, not just in my own world. I was throwing my trash out next to them and the husband stood up. I asked if they were married (for confirmation) and he replied ‘yes, 62 years.’

He was 84 and she was 82. He then teared up as he informed me she had dementia. I teared up and said thank you for sharing and God bless you for not leaving her in a home. He looked at me with soft eyes, I told him I pray that me and my wife make it to our 80s and are as healthy as them. He shook my hand with a ‘God bless’ and we parted ways. 90 seconds of my life that I will never forget. This is proof that love conquers all. Always love, never hate.”

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