Ever Lose Your Phone In The House? Use This To Find It Without Searching Everywhere, Awesome

Weve all done it.

Misplaced our phones and for the life of us we simply cannot find it. You can search endlessly, and eventually, it turns up in the stupidest spot you could imagine. How much time do we waste going through this routine?

Well now there is an answer, and a huge time-saver! Why I didnt know about this before I have no idea. Its so helpful! Just hop on your tablet or laptop and follow these instructions below:

1. Visit iCloud.com and login with your Apple ID. (Android owners use Google Device Manager)
2. Choose “Find My iPhone” and let the service locate your missing device.
3. Select your phone on the map, then click the (i) button.
4. Choose the “Play Sound” option. It will make a noise until you unlock it.
5. Locate your phone and then kick yourself for losing it in the first place.

Be prepared that the noise is indeed loud, as it should be. So if you are in a public space or someone is sleeping nearby, you may want to be prepared as no doubt others will hear it.

Read more: http://damn.com/lost-phone-house/