Daniel Radcliffe Is Starring In A New Fantasy TV Series, But Not As A Wizard

Harry Potter is trading in his wand for some wings!

Daniel Radcliffe is officially headed to American TV screens next year in a brand new fantasy series, in which hell star as an angel.

The new show is a TBS comedy series called Miracle Workers,a workplace comedy set in Heaven that will star Radcliffe as a low-level angel named Craig who is tasked with handling peoples prayers, according to Deadline.

It will co-star Owen Wilson as Craigs boss, God.

Yep: Daniel Radcliffe as an angel and Owen Wilson as God. That is a thing thats happening.


And its safe to expect Miracle Workers will get pretty zany with its humorbecause its being executive produced by SNL creator Lorne Michaels and it is created by Simon Rich, the man behind FXs eccentric comedy series Man Seeking Woman.

Since Daniel Radcliffe is best known for starring in movies and appearing on the stage, helming a cable sitcom is an interesting move for him.

Hes made guest appearances on a few TV shows before, but his only starring role on TV before now was in the UK miniseries A Young Doctors Notebook. This will mark his first lead role in an American TV show.


This will also be the first main TV role for Owen Wilson. Best known as a movie star, Wilson has popped up in episodes of comedies like Community and Drunk History in the pastbut has kept his major projects to the big screen.

It will definitely be interesting to see how Radcliffe and Wilson both fare in a format thats totally new to both of them, especially with a religion-tinged show premise that could stir up controversy pretty easily depending on how its handled.

Still, since both Radcliffe and Wilson have proven their comedic chops time and again in their films, and theyll have old pro Lorne Michaels to guide them, Im pretty sure theyll be just fine!

Miracle Workers will premiere seven episodes in 2018 on TBS.

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