20 thoughts on “Daft Punk – Computerized Ft Jay Z

  1. This is NOT fake!!!!! This is just LEAKED!! USE YOUR BRAINS, YOU STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!

    Anyways, getting to the whole point of this comment, this song is actually really good, if they take out jay z ,upscale the quality, tweak a few things around and add a few more lyrics, this could be ok for their next album

    (P.S: rap and DP do NOT go AT ALL!! ( think about what Kanye did to HBFS) ) 

  2. Daft Punk does it again! AMAZING Song. They were great when I was a kid and are still great today. Last album was amazing, can't wait for this next one.

  3. This track is not fake.  It was made for Tron Legacy but Daft Punk decided to put the version without HOV on the soundtrack and just never released the one with HOV.  This is actually the original

  4. I would like to say
    1. It was made around trons creation so that's why it sounds similar I guess
    2. I doubt it's fake, it's too well done to be fake, right?

  5. This sounds a little too much like something from the Tron Soundtrack paired with a typical Daft Punk vocoder-voice and Jay-Z. Sorry, but after RAM I guess that's not what they'd come up with.

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