Could grumpy electorate breed Libertarian wild card?

Washington (CNN)Big moments for Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton. Sympathy for Bernie Sanders’ supporters from an unlikely source. And a grumpy electorate that might be receptive to a Libertarian or some other third-party ticket.

These are just some of the future headlines in this week’s “Inside Politics” forecast.

    1. The ‘moment’ may be near — how will Clinton handle it?

    Another comparison between 2016 and 2008 is likely to happen over the next 10 days.



      A Libertarian wild card


    We know from polling data and conversations with voters that there is considerable dismay about the prospective choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this fall.
    And two national surveys this past week found a growing percentage of Americans who say they are open to considering other options, like the Libertarian Party.
    After a weekend convention that included a debate among its candidates, the Libertarians nominated their ticket Sunday. The Libertarian ticket pairs former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson for president and ex-Massachusetts Gov. William Weld as his running mate.
    Could a Johnson-Weld or some other Libertarian ticket have an impact on the presidential race?
    Strategists in both the Clinton and Trump campaigns are skeptical, betting that a competitive race will in the end draw voters, even those not thrilled with their choices, to join the fight between the two major parties.
    But they also concede that given the electorate’s restive mood, and the high negative ratings of both Trump and Clinton, that the possibility of a strong performance by the Libertarian ticket is one of many wild cards that can’t be ruled out.

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