Computerized Halloween display – Pumpkins and Video

The pumpkins come to life to sing the popular Halloween song while the video plays timed perfectly adjacent to the patch…Halloween computerized lights in the best possible way…Boo.

20 thoughts on “Computerized Halloween display – Pumpkins and Video

  1. @klbates uhm….."In this town we call home, everybody hail to the pumpkin song"……u should know the words before you say u love it….

  2. WOW that was amazing! I loved the scronization. WOW! That WAS COOL!

    That must have been fun programing lol.

    What program did you use?–just wondering–

    I can't imagine what it took to build it.

  3. The projection was on the neighbor's house, it was timed perfectly to the pumpkin patch singing the song as the video plays. It is live what is in this video is all taking place at the same time.

  4. nice editing dude, was the nightmare before christmas video in the top right corner actually a projection or did you add that in post?

  5. Great song, great work on the display and great editing! You did a good job of showing-off your display and showing how it relates to the source material!

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