Computerized Dynamic Posturography for Diagnostic Testing at the National Dizzy and Balance Center

At all NDBC clinics we utilize NeuroCom’s Smart Equitest Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) for objectively measuring the functionality of our patients three sensory inputs when they are entering our Vestibular and Neurological rehabilitation programs. This establishes a starting point for the patient for their rehabilitation program and enables us to re-test the patient after a month to see how they are progressing. This gives us immediate feedback on the overall effectiveness of a patient’s individualized therapy program and helps us to fine tune each patients program to maximize results.
The human body uses three sensory inputs to maintain balance proper balance, they are: Vestibular (inner ear system), Somatosenory (feet, ankles, joints), Vision (eyes). These sensory inputs interact with the brain, which then drive and control our motor functions. Computerized Dynamic Posturography is a unique assessment technique used to objectively quantify and differentiate among these three sensory inputs, along with motor, and central adaptive impairments to balance control.

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