Computerized – Daft Punk feat. Jay-Z FULL


An unreleased, leaked track from Daft Punk and Jay-Z. This track was produced around the time of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack recording, but was apparently unsatisfying to Daft Punk, and never released. This means that it is not finished, it was scrapped, it was never meant to be heard.

The song contains samples from Son of Flynn and keeps a similar chord progression.

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20 thoughts on “Computerized – Daft Punk feat. Jay-Z FULL

  1. I have a feeling that Touch was a re-vamped version of Computerized that Daft Punk put in R.A.M. It makes sense, both songs talk about being lost in live social connectivity because of technology, and the desire to hold the hands of their lovers once more.

  2. I honestly don't like it myself, I can see why Daft Punk would scrap it. They didn't like it themselves. It just doesn't good honestly.

  3. Daft punk literally do the same shit on every song. I can't even tell their songs apart. Jay Z saves this song.

  4. I can tell that it's Daft Punk, believe me I have listened to everything Daft Punk has made. So why is it so crappy? If you read the description it says it was a tron era unreleased song… Which makes sense. This was at the point where DP were going through their midlife crisis and decided to leave electronic music. They mentioned that they had been working on some electronics at this point but had scrapped it because they wanted to take a new direction. This track sucks because it is unreleased and DP would never release an unfinished demo like this. Well, unless it was during they're minimalist Human After All period. That album was cringeworthy but they kinda did that on purpose. So yeah, stop hating because this track was never supposed to see the light of day.

  5. I really don't understand what the hate behind this is. Sure, the song without Jay Z would sound better to some. Honestly though, I fucking love this. People say to just listen to The Son of Flynn, both sound miles apart

  6. I don't get the hate here on Jay-Z, maybe its because he is more mainstream? The dude can rap, I think this song is great!

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