Clinton’s new strategy to court the black vote; lessons from Bush’s collapse

Washington (CNN)The fall of Jeb Bush, the high-stakes Supreme Court battle, an unlikely ally for Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton’s push for African-American support are just some of the headlines that top our “Inside Politics” forecast.

1) Clinton rolls into South Carolina with a “mothers” strategy

    African-Americans will constitute a majority of the Democratic electorate in South Carolina on Saturday, and Hillary Clinton is hoping those voters are open to what you might call motherly advice.



      The Scalia vacancy


    The president is reviewing candidates for the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, knowing full well Republicans are already on record saying they won’t confirm an Obama nominee.

    Peter Baker of The New York Times peeled back the curtain on the President’s deliberations.

    “We’ve had an election-year nomination (before), but never had one come out in the midst of such a high-intensity, high-octane, modern, technologically advanced campaign. Whoever he picks will be the star of all campaign commercials in a way that will be unique.”

    5) Clocks ticking: This is likely to be a record-setting fight

    Need a way to put this Supreme Court battle in context? Well, start the clock, or the calendar countdown.

    NPR’s Domenico Montanaro said there is little doubt this nomination battle will be record-setting.

    “When you look at the history on this, back in 1968 President Lyndon Johnson nominated two justices in an election year. They both got hearings within two weeks. That’s what the White House’s strategy here is, to expose some cracks within senate Republicans and see if they can get those hearings quickly.”

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