CGE PRO 1400 HD Computerized Telescope review and specs

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2 thoughts on “CGE PRO 1400 HD Computerized Telescope review and specs

  1. The main advantage of the CGE-Pro over the CGE is that it can image well past the meridian. You will have to check the specs but I believe that it is over 90 minutes. The CGE goes far less past the meridian.

    The CGE-Pro has lower PE – but going past the meridian makes it much more versatile. Both can guide well.

    The CGE-Pro has a greater payload.

    The CGE has discontinued firmware. It works well, but to my knowledge there are no future planned updates for it.

    The CGE-Pro is heavier and taller, but it disassembles into more pieces.

  2. hiwhat's the difference between the CGE Pro & CGEM DX ?if any one to answer, plz make them as points and explain the function of each..thank you so much

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