Brother CE8080PRW Computerized Sewing Machine Review

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20 thoughts on “Brother CE8080PRW Computerized Sewing Machine Review

  1. have you ever had a problem with the stitch isn't changing   if so what did you do to fix this problem   mine won't change stitches

  2. Hello, could you please what number you have your machine for a straight stitch my tension is giving me problems, I put my tension at a four and my stitch length at a 3.0. thanks

  3. Thx for helping me, but I have a question, how do I use the pattern? On the machine I pressed the arrow button thingy to show "03", (the pattern I want) but it's not working, it keep going in a straight line, rather than the pattern! Can you help me?

  4. Do we need to connect the sewing machine to the computer to access the patterns cause its 'computerize'?

  5. Thank you for posting this! It was super helpful! I was debating on buying this at Walmart on Black Friday or not and after your review I'll be fighting the crowds 😉 I just wanted to know after two years of owning this machine, do you still love it?! Also, this will be my first sewing machine, do you think it is good for a beginner? Thanks!!

  6. Thank you SO much for this review! I have been sewing for MANY years and my daughter gave me my first computerized machine on my birthday in March. I had not had a chance to really look at it. However, this video has really helped a lot and now I'm even more excited about getting started and sewing on it. I really appreciate the information on purchasing "brother" bobbins. I'd tried a simple stitch on it and was having issues. Thanks for clearing that up.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am new to this and you made something I was afraid to tackle so easy. Look foreword to more videos as I get a little better.

  8. I just got this machine an I am excited bout getting started. But thanks for the info. Will get back with u when o get started thanks

  9. thanks for these videos on this machine I got the machine for Christmas for home ec and this really helped me figure it out

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