After Losing Weight, He Starts Feeling Sick. Doctors Give Him Weeks To Live. The Cause? WARNING

When we want to lose weight we often turn to supplements. They are alluring and seem to be the magic key to burning off that stubborn layer of fat. This is what Matthew Whitby from Australia hoped to achieve by taking two well known weight loss supplements.

But not long after, he ended up in dire need of a liver transplant with only a few weeks to live.

It was 2014 and he wanted to both bulk up while losing fat. A common goal among many men. After researching online he came across a few supplements that would hopefully bring him the results he was after. It would only be a week though before tiredness and jaundice set in.

It wouldnt be for another 2 months until he decided to go to a doctor. But it was pretty late in the game at that point as the doctor diagnosed him with liver failure. He had to take a liver transplant, but unfortunately it was infected with hepatitis B.

Whitby is married, with two kids and states how lucky he is regardless:

I have to take a tablet everyday for the rest of my life, but Im just grateful to be here.

So what were the supplements that almost took his life?

A protein powder with concentrated green-tea extract was the first. The second was a supplement containing 70 percent garcinia cambogia.

The doctors actually think that it was the green tea extract that could chiefly be to blame, although the garcinia cambogia is also related to liver issues.

Now this father of two wants to come out and tell other men of how close he came to death by taking supplements which he assumed to be safe.

Heres what Whitby had to say about initial concerns he had regarding safety as well as advice on what to do differently:

I didnt think something you could buy online or just over the counter did the damage that it did to me. I wouldnt wish what I went through on anyone. Do your research and ask your doctor about the product before taking it. I wouldnt recommend shakes in general, just diet and exercise.

It turns out green tea extract is being seen more and more as causing damage to the liver in high amounts. Small doses seem to be fine but too much can do major damage.

Dr. Jon Wardle explains:

There are lot of self-taught diet and exercise experts out there who dont have any training. Just because its natural doesnt mean its completely safe.

Share this important information with friends and family in order to prevent scenarios like the above for those using supplements for muscle gain and fat loss purposes.

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