A view from Trump Tower: how Trump, inner circle are reading the tea leaves

Washington (CNN)A big test for President Barack Obama, a map challenge for Trump and the unconventional wrinkles of the GOP convention: It’s all a part of our “Inside Politics” forecast.

1) 120 days out: 2016 looks like 2012 — but Team Trump thinks positive

    If the election were held today, most top Trump advisers believe it would look a lot like 2012 — meaning an overwhelming Democratic victory. Yet they are actually upbeat.



      Nothing conventional about 2016 conventions


    The keynote address. The biographical speakers designed to build up the nominee. Showcases of party rising stars.
    Sure, there will be some of that at Trump’s convention, but Mary Katherine Ham of The Federalist suggests anyone who thinks they know how this is all going to play out is certain to be surprised.
    “People keep asking, for instance, Speaker Ryan, ‘Hey, you keep disagreeing him, but you endorsed him!’ He’s like ‘Yup, that’s correct.’ And people keep thinking this story’s going to change, and they’re going to keep doing this dance for four months, and it’s going to be weird, so get ready. “

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