A timeline of Baylor University sex assault accusations

(CNN)A federal lawsuit this week against Baylor University says the school fosters sexual violence and uses sex to market its football program to players.

Here are some of the key events.
April 2012 — Student alleges rape
    Baylor student Jasmin Hernandez says she was raped twice at a party by football player Tevin Elliott. CNN doesn’t normally identify the victims of sexual assault, but Hernandez has publicly disclosed her name.
    October 2013 — Another student reports assault
    A female soccer player at Baylor alleges that she was sexually assaulted by football player Sam Ukwuachu.

    January 2014 — Ex-player found guilty
    Elliott is convicted of two counts of sexual assault and gets 20 years in prison.
    August 2015 — Second ex-player convicted
    Ukwuachu is convicted and gets a six-month sentence and 10 years probation.

    March 2016 — Fraternity president accused of sexual assault
    Jacob Anderson, who was not a football player but was president of Baylor’s Phi Delta Theta house, is accused of sexual assault, CNN affiliate TV station DFW reports.

    March 2016 — Victim Hernandez sues Baylor
    Hernandez files a federal lawsuit against Baylor, alleging officials failed to investigate her assault.
    May 2016 — President, football coach are cut
    Ken Starr is fired as president (and resigns as chancellor a week later); football coach Art Briles is out, too. An independent investigation found “fundamental failure” to respond adequately to sexual assault allegations.
    June 2016 — Third player indicted
    Former Baylor football player Shawn Oakman is indicted on one count of sexual assault of a Baylor player in April 2016, DFW reports.

    March 2017 — Texas Rangers investigate
    The state’s top police agency opens an investigation about Baylor’s handling of sexual assault cases.
    May 2017 — Gang rape alleged
    A former student volleyball player files suit, claiming she was gang raped by Baylor football players in a “bonding” experience.

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