A Statistical Analysis of TV Series Finales vs Average Episode Ratings

Using ratings from IMDB, redditor ChallengeResponse created a series of charts that explore ‘TV finales that surprised/disappointed’.

ChallengeResponse compared the IMDB ratings of TV series finales to the show’s average episode rating by building a script that he has made available on GitHub.

He then sorted the data by: the greatest difference between average and last episode’s ratings; highest average episode rating; highest last episode rating; and alphabetically.

Television rating data was collected using IMDbPY and visualized in iPython using matplotlib. Source code for iPython notebook is available on GitHub.
[via ChallengeResponse on reddit]

IMDB Ratings of TV Series Finales Relative
to their Average Episode Rating

Sorted by Difference Between Average and Last Episode’s Ratings


Sorted by Average Episode Rating


Sorted by Last Episode’s Rating


Sorted Alphabetically


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