A Gift Guide That Will Actually Make Your Life Better (Curated By Tim Ferriss)

When dealing with life’ s concerns, who do you rely on for guidance? For me, I rely on specialists. In the previous year, I had the chance to ask over 100 dazzling individuals 11 concerns as I assemble for my latest book Tribe of Mentors . Among my preferred concerns I sent out to each was: What purchase of $100 or less has most favorably affected your life in the last 6 months (or in current memory)?

Their actions were instantly actionable, which is something I try to find when assembling the mix of concerns consisted of in the book. Here are 16 of my favorites and a little about who suggested each:

1) The Five-Minute Journal

Urban Outfitters

“ The Five-Minute Journal provides focus to each day. I got it at Urban Outfitters. And possibly the Spiralizer, too. It makes salad a lot more enjoyable and fascinating to consume. ” Anne Mist Þ risdttir, expert CrossFit professional athlete

2) Tile Mate Key Finder

Tile Mate Key Finder

“ Tile Mate essential finde
r on Amazon. It ’ s offered me hours of my life back that were formerly invested rushing around your house, searching for my secrets. Functions fantastic with animals, too! ” Neil Strauss, eight-time New York Times very popular author




“ SleepPhones. It ’ s a headband that discusses your ears and eyes which has inside 2 ultraflat earphones so you can pay attention to books as you go to sleep. ” Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist

4)Bucky Neck Pillow


“ MyBucky neck pillow. I take a trip all the time, and I put on ’ t get much rest on the roadway, so it ’ s crucial for meto be able to sleep when I can. ” Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.(WWE)

5)Philips Wake-Up Light


“ Without a doubt, I would state my dawn simulator [Philips Wake-Up Light] It is an alarm clock that wakes you up with light rather of noise. You feel as if you are waking up on your own and aren ’ t groggy due to the fact that of this modification. ” Matthew Fraser, expert CrossFit professional athlete

6) Winco TN719 Spatula


& “ I purchased a great spatula. It ’ s incredible exactly what the best tool can do to your breakfast. ” Darren Aronofsky, Award-winning filmmaker behind cult traditional movies such as,, and

7)The FriXion by Pilot Pen


“ I ’ m a little a pen geek. I just recently discovered an erasable pen– the FriXion by Pilot in blue. It composes so efficiently, and being able to remove it provides me a sense of powerand pleasure. I frequently utilize the pen with a “ clever ” note pad(like the Rocketbook Everlast clever note pad )that can be recycled. ” Laura R. Walker, President and CEO of New York Public Radio

&8)MyCommunity Host Defense& _

Host Defense&

“ Paul Stamets ’ Host Defense MyCommunity mushroom complex is the most extraordinary resistance supplement I have actually ever taken(and I have actually taken a great deal of them!). No matter just how much I take a trip, the number of hands I shake, or how tired I am, I wear ’ t get ill as long as I take the supplement vigilantly. ” Samin Nosrat, author, chef, and instructor

9)HEAROS Xtreme Protection Earplugs&


“ Earplugs for sleeping. I ’ ve attempted them all. Hearos Xtreme Protection NRR 33 work best and are the most comfy. If you truly wish to goto extremes to likewise manage light, Lonfrote Deep Molded Sleep Mask is the very best for aircrafts or anywhere else. ” Andrew Ross Sorkin, monetary writer for The New York Times

10)10-Foot iPhone Charger


“ Easy. My ten-foot iPhone battery charger from Native Union and my Stronglip balm from Tata Harper. ” Dr. Bren Brown, author,,, and

11)Manduka PRO Black Yoga Mat&



“ I gota Manduka PRO black yoga mat for about $100 (on sale). It is such a heavy, glamorous mat that it motivates me to practice in your home, which is honestly a wonder. ” Leo Babuta, Founder of Zen Habits

12) Deuserband Original Exercise Band


“ A Deuserband Original has actually been an incredible discovery for me. Particularly when I invest long sessions in a chair, it feels excellent to extend my arms and back, and it enhances your posture. ” Fedor Holz, expert poker gamer

13)Blinkist App

“ Blinkist– an app that condenses nonfiction books into 15-minute checks out. ” Liv Boeree, expert poker gamer

&14)Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Racket

Petr Korbel

“ My Butterfly Petr Korbel table tennis racket. I understood I was truly dedicating to my training as a Ping-Pong gamer due to the fact that when I purchased it. I have actually constantly enjoyed the video game, constantly informed myself I ’d attempt to get excellent sooner or later. Purchasing it stated that day is now. ” Brian Koppelman, developer of Billions, co-writer and

15)Electric Single Burner

Home N Kitchenware

“ An electrical single burner. I utilize the Scent Housewares AHP-303/ CHP-303 Single Hot Plate. It costs less than $20 and is excellent for keeping a cup of co ee(or 3)hot! ” Jon Call,

16)Large Weighted Blanket

Weighted Idea

“ [A weighted blanket. [The big weighted blanket from Weighted Blankets Plus LLC.] I am not a specialist on the science of why it works, however the “ deep touch pressure ” assists the body release more serotonin. When I ’ m nervous, stressed out , or can ’ t sleep, I utilize it and I quickly feel calmer.” Whitney Cummings, comic, author, star, and manufacturer

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