8 Beautiful Feelings To Bring Home After Traveling, And 8 To Leave Behind

Things To Bring Home

1. Sense of wonder

There are amazing, genius, beautiful things in your own backyard. Familiarity does not equal normality. Nor does it make the plants, posters, birds and buildings unimportant or any less amazing. Dont sleepwalk through space and time. Stay alert. Your daily commute is only as uninteresting as where you set your eyes.

2. Gratitude

The word lucky enters my mind and leaves my lips countless times in a day on the road. Carry that feeling, joy and grateful attitude home. Be thankful for your belongings, your roots, your family. You are lucky to have the opportunity to walk down any street, regardless of its proximity to your birthplace. Dont take people, ability or space for granted.

3. Kindness, openness, friendliness

All over the world, its as easy as asking a question and offering a smile. Start a conversation, give a compliment, ask for advice. Take off your headphones. Speaking with strangers can let you travel without moving your feet.

4. Confidence

You wont be a novelty when you return, but you wont be (as much of) an object, either. Flaunt your flaws and they become your biggest assets. Speak loudly and say no as often as you say yes.

5. Inspiration

Theres a wealth of beauty, art, creativity, space, and joy all over the world. Dont become dull to it because you have a routine or are in places that are old to you. If the location isnt new, your perspective can be.

6. Action

Ideas are great, results are better. Open your notebook and turn your scrawl into something tangible. Start talking, start sketching. Start small. Stop dreaming and start moving. Just start.

7. Faith

Things will work out. The answers are never obvious even when you have them. Take heart that you can get where you need to be without a map or a plan.

8. Reframe

Continue to check your perspective. Offer the benefit of the doubt and consider the lessons you learned rather than the time or money lost. Think of the alternatives and remember your privilege. If they took it, they probably need it more.

Things To Leave Behind

1. Expectations

Keep these low so your heart and head can go high. Buildup leads to breakdowns. Enter time, places, and events without expectation so that you can make the experience what you want it to be organically and without pretense.

2. Perfection

If they dont like you because a hair is out of place, they were never going to be yours to begin with. Things arent going to go as you want or line up straight. The image in your mind was cultivated from a magazine, not reality. Find joy in quirks, accept detours and embrace what youve been taught to shame.

3. Elongated Elation

Some days you just wont want to chat. Sometimes physical needs overtake. That is okay. Dont beat yourself up because every moment of every day isnt lived on a high. Appreciate and embrace low times. They signify balance and connection with your physical self. Pain makes pleasure greater.

4. Need

More things are optional than necessary. You are as heavy as your belongings. Part with your cargo, privilege function, and keep what serves you. Dont become trapped by comforts. Your experience expands the more you let go.

5. Stress

It doesnt really matter. Be kind, be safe, be honest. A delayed bus will come eventually. A missed opportunity wasnt the one for you. Feeding into constructed pressures and competition only hurts your mind and body.

6. Fear

Creaky boats, shady characters and speeding motorbikes lead me to repeat: If I die here, it was a good life. Push yourself to expand your comfort zone. Remember that sometimes it is braver to say no. Listening to your instincts and going for your dreams can be the scariest thing in the world. Balance by overcoming your fear of missing out and fear of taking part.

7. Comparison

There is a perceived lack when we go through the motions. The illusion of scarcity drives competition, promotes pressure and leads to unhappiness. Striving to keep up, equate, exceed. In reality, there is no shortage of opportunity. Someone elses win doesnt result in a loss.

8. Self-Assessment

Greatness isnt associated with a number in your bank account, Instagram followers, or transcript records. Impact cant always be measured. Goals dont always have to be tangible. Value is a perspective. Shift yours to create your own.

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