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Shopping for a graduation gift that needs to be a hit? Here are seven of the best tactical gifts for the grad in your life gifts you wont be able to resist buying for yourself as well.

Must-haves include bullet pens, tactical kilts, hardcore beer coolers, and even a beer-expert badge T-shirt. All these top pick gifts leverage military-grade know-how and make it available in the form of truly memorable, high-caliber gifts.

5.11’s Tactical Kilt

If your favorite grad doesnt have a 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt, then it is your duty to fix that situation. It is made with TEFLON finish so it can take on whatever partying throws at it. 5.11 describes it as Ideal for the range, casual wear, and the Highlands.

Very comfortable, it also has TDU-style cargo pockets sized for multiple magazines, and belt loops sized for a 1.75″.

Available in a range of cool colors like black, TDU Green, and MultiCam, for $74.99.

Juniors Bullet Pen

The ultra cool Bullet Pen is a must have for grads and this is definitely a gift that buyers needs to nab for themselves too. An amazing veteran-owned company, Juniors Bullet Pens makes pens out of once-fired military brass.

All the pens are reloadable and use a standard Cross-type refill. Their original 7.62 Bullet Pen comes in brass and nickel with a choice of copper, gun metal, or chrome tips and clips depending on shell color and is available for $19.95.

Another cool option is the version with Cerakote the stuff is used to paint and/or camouflage weapons and on the pen it looks extremely cool. Cerakote will become available for $24.95.

American Marauders Beer Expert Badge T-shirt

Forget a suit for those job interviews and first jobs. Let someone else get that. Whether your graduate is heading into the workforce or off to college, one thing is certain cool T-shirts are always vital.

Badges are another fundamental part of military life.  American Marauder took the badge concept, blew it up massively, and on a twist of the classic concept, made it a Beer Expertise badge.

The question is: Would your college grad want to be caught without a Beer Expert Badge? Most likely not. And for high school grads, this is one badge many will aspire to someday attain, whether via hard work with microbrews or Pabst Blue Ribbon.  

And even cooler, this is a T-shirt made by a brand whose stuff is extremely popular and widely worn by elite professionals in the special operations world, so with this company even T-shirts are made to that exacting level of design and cut.

Available for $16.00.

Article 15s Prepared Not Scared T-shirt and Forever Free hoodie

Article 15 was founded by four veterans who describe themselves as HOOLIGANS WITH A DREAMwho aim to bring laughter and awareness to the men and women who have so selflessly protected our freedoms.

Along these lines, they also make a very popular range of gear. There is a wide variety to choose from, and particularly fitting for new grads are T-shirts like Prepared Not Scared available for $26.95 and Forever Free Eagle Hoodie for 44.95.

Ranger Ups Anniversary Coin  

Challenge coins are another big tradition in the military. Its ill-advised to be caught in a bar among special operators without a cool challenge coin. And you never know who your grad will be grabbing a beer with. Enough said.  

Ranger Up is a fantastic veteran-owned company that also makes hugely popular apparel related to the military, the core values of the United States, and more.

Ranger Ups 8-Year Anniversary Coin is a perfect choice for the grad whose fun has just begun. The coin says Not Everyones War Stories End in High School.

Available for $6.99.

Grey Ghosts Gypsy tactical backpack

Schools over and its time to fully dive into the school of life. Arm your graduate with a backpack designed for the most elite tactical professionals, so your grad always is ready for anything.

As Grey Ghost describes: This bag is for the traveler and daily commuter who needs a sturdy bag with proper hoplogical features that does not advertise youre an armed civilian. Nobody wants a bag that yells, Yo, we got us a badass here!

Made with waxed canvas with mixed stretch mesh on interior pockets,  it features incredibly smart design with elements including spots for water bottles, laptop, notebook, pens, phones, holsters, a blowout kit even night vision goggles and more to fit comfortably.

Available for $225.00

YETI Roadie 20 cooler 

Party on the move. If your favorite grad still doesnt have a YETI Roadie, then it is the perfect time to be that kids hero and get him or her one.  It is a big spend, so if you are looking for something special that a grad could not buy for him or herself, then this is the right decision.

Whether your frad is fraternity- or work-bound, this is guaranteed to make him or her the envy of friends at every party, tailgate, and barbeque.

The ultra-portable hard cooler can hold 14 cans with ice. Its the best road trip companion youll ever meet thanks to its 2-3 inches of cold-retaining insulation and extra-thick walls made from UV-resistant polyethylene. Great for campouts, the beach, or day trips, too.

The Roadie 20 is available for $249.99 in white, tan and blue.

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