3 things to do before you start Fallout 4

You waited years for a new Fallout game, and patiently sat through months of hype since Fallout 4 was announced this spring. Now the game is probably sitting in a delivery box at your house while youre stuck at school or work.

If the wait is killing you, there are things you can do right now to prepare yourself to explore post-nuclear apocalypse Boston.

1) Learn about the lore of the Fallout universe

The Fallout franchise has had a tectonic effect on the video game industry thanks in large part to its imaginative depiction of an alternate-reality United States. Fallout is locked into the cultural that defined our world in the 1950san eraitnever grew out of.

Fallout 4 is clearly designed with new players in mind. The intro gives Fallout fans the best first-hand look they’ve ever had at what life was like in October 2077 before the bombs fell. You dont need to understand the history of the Fallout universe to jump right into and enjoy the game.

Its pretty cool lore, however, and the ShoddyCast channel on YouTube put together a documentary-style history of Fallout that is worth checking out.

3) Download the Pip-Boy App

The Pip-Boy wrist-mounted personal computer is the most important piece of gear you own in a Fallout game. It’s an inventory manager, personal medic, map reference guide, and kick-ass stereo system all rolled into one.

For Fallout 4, Bethesda released a special Pip-Boy Edition that comes with a plastic replica of the iconic device. The Pip-Boy replica comes with foam inserts that fit a wide variety of iPhone and Android devices, so that you can run a Pip-Boy app through the window of the replica and pretend like you actually own a Pip-Boy.

But even if you don’t own the replica, the Pip-Boy app might be more useful on a tablet anyway for the larger screen and the ability to prop it up in front of you without a huge hunk of plastic also being attached. You also get a free, retro-style Pip-Boy game named Atomic Command when you download the app, which nicely fills the space created by the frequent loading screens in Fallout 4.

The app is available on the iTunesandGoogle Playstores.

Illustration by Max Fleishman

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