16 Traits That Actually Don’t Matter When It Comes To Finding Love

Many people fail to realize the reason a woman is single is mostly because she is picky AF.

She finds something wrong with virtually every guy she meets, and she automatically labels him as undateable.

Of course, sometimes two people just dont click.

However, sometimes a potentially great relationship is cut short because the woman says no.

If youre a single woman and find yourself crossing every new guy you meet off your list because of any of the reasons listed below, maybe it’s time to reconsider:

1. You refuse to date any guy less than 6 feet tall.

Just because a guy is tall, that doesnt make him a great boyfriend.

2. He texts you too much.

I know texting can be annoying when youre busy, but when a guy is contacting you, it just means hes interested in getting to know you.

Give him a chance to do so.

3. You cyberstalk him.

Sometimes, its not necessary to see an Instagram picture he posted 147 weeks ago.

4. The first kiss was bad.

First kisses are awkward. Maybe he was nervous and didnt expect it, or maybe he really is just a bad kisser.

If you dont give him another shot, youll never know.

5. He wore a bad outfit.

Seriously, cut the guy a break.

Maybe if you gave him the chance to date you, you could give him some fashion advice.

6. You arent sexually attracted to him at first.

Sexual chemistry is, of course, important in every relationship.

Sometimes, it isnt there right away.

It can take some time to develop.

Always give a nice guy a shot at friendship. You never know where it might lead.

7. He doesnt make a lot of money.

Money doesnt buy love or happiness.

The end.

8. Youre scared your parents wont like him.

As long as hes not a complete weirdo and you like him, your parents can deal with it.

It’s your love life, not theirs.

9. He gets nervous around you.

Do you ever realize how much pressure guys have to deal with? Cut him a break sometimes.

If he gets nervous around you, its usually because he likes you.

In time, the nervousness will fade.

10. You have different opinions.

They say opposites attract.

Dont repeatedly nix a guy just because you might not see eye to eye on every little detail.

As long you share similar views when it comes to the big picture, a little debate never hurts.

11. Hes not fit.

Not every guy is going to look like Mark Wahlberg in those Calvin Klein ads.

Plus, this way, you can plan fun gym dates and get fit together.


12. You expect love to be like The Notebook.

If a guy doesnt tell you, If youre a bird, Im a bird on the first date,it’s OK.

13. Hes a nerd.

Nerds make the best boyfriends.

14. Youre worried about what other people will think.

Who cares?

Youre the one in the relationship.

As long as you like the person, thats all that matters.

15. You met on Tinder.

Tinder marriages are the new thing.

It doesnt matter where you meet a guy.

16. Hes divorced.

You never know what might have happened in his previous marriage, and you cant hold it against the guy forever.

So, the next time you want to cry about being single and drown your sorrows in red wine and chocolate, remember a lot of great guys could be passing you by.

Youre just too picky to notice.

All great relationships start somewhere, and if you cut yours off too soon, you’ll never know where it could have gone.

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