10 Romantic Comedies That Perfectly Capture The Stages Of Your Relationship

Its a Saturday night, and you find yourself cozied up with a bottle of pink moscato and an oversized bag of buttery popcorn.

You cant help but ponder over your most recent, romantic love interest and wish that someone (or something) could help you cope with your mood.

The solution?

Look no further than the romantic comedies on the big screen in front of you.

No matter what youre feeling in the essence of love and romance, theres a hot rom-com (and a hotter actor) to make you feel totally, completely and undeniably understood.

Here are a few favorite rom-coms to watch when

1. You dont understand why you havent heard from him since the last date.

Texts: zero. Phone calls: zip. Instagram likes: not even one.

In the words of Justin Long,

If a guy doesn’t call you, he doesn’t want to call you […]So trust me when I say if a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit, he genuinely doesn’t give a shit. No exceptions.

Watch:“Hes Just Not That Into You.”

2. You need to meet a new man.

Youve met every guy in your zip code, including the mailman, the plumber, the guy across the street and your landlord.

Overall, no one meets your standards.

Youre open to changing your surroundings and moving halfway across the world because who knows?

Jude Law could come knocking on your door one night, too.

Watch:“The Holiday.”

3. Your most recent Tinder, Bumble or Hinge date wont leave you alone.




“Whats up?”


TBH, can you just stop?

Watch:“How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.”

4. Youre in love with someone whos already married.

You feel like youve found the man of your dreams, but hes already tied the knot with someone else.

For some reason, youre immeasurably inclined to the possibility of borrowing him for a night or for a lifetime.

After all, Kate Hudson has nothing on you, anyway.

Watch:“Something Borrowed.”

5. You’re the only one of your friends who’s single.

Ive got 99 problems, and theyre all photos of me not in a wedding dress.


Watch:“27 Dresses.”

6. You believe your casual hookup has the potential of transforming into your future husband.

Youre 99.9 percent sure hes “the one,” and the casual Lets hook up when were drunk or bored act has the impending possibility of turning into the Lets walk down the aisle when were sober and in love reality.

Even if hes not Justin Timberlake choreographing a flash mob in Grand Central Station for you, its not a bad thing to fall in love with your FWB.

Watch:“Friends With Benefits.”

7. Youre on the verge of asking him to commit.

Youve been hooking up for five months, youre going out on expensive dinner dates, youre going on long honeymoon-like vacations and youve met his mother.

So, where is this going?

Just know that even Zac Efron had trouble answering this one.

Watch:“That Awkward Moment.”

8. You miss him a lot.

Youre counting down the days until you get to see him again.

Two weeks together seems like two hours.

You hate (and dont understand) the statement, Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Really, the only thing to make the situation better right now is Channing Tatum shirtless.

Watch:“Dear John.”

9. You know hes cheating on you.

There are lipstick stained suits, deleted text messages and random vacations to the Bahamas.

Who is she?

Watch:“The Other Woman.”

10. You need renewed hope that true love still exists in the world.

Because who doesnt?

Basically, you need to believe the man who will say, If youre a bird, Im a bird still exists in the world, and maybe (just maybe) hes Ryan Gosling, too.

Watch:“The Notebook.”

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