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After one alleged attack reported, more follow in UW-Madison sex assault case

(CNN)She had known him for about two weeks after nearly running him over with her bicycle, she told police.The two University of Wisconsin-Madison students connected on Facebook and met for dinner October 12 at the Chipotle restaurant where she worked, followed by a study session at the College Library.

Apple revamps MacBook Pros with new keyboard tech

 (Apple) Apple on Thursday announced major updates to its MacBook Pro computer line, unveiling a dynamic new keyboard feature called the Touch Bar that replaces the traditional function keys. The Touch Barthe headline feature on the new laptopschanges in response to whats being done on the Mac, offering special keys…

University of Wisconsin student charged in sexual assaults of four women

The first accusers claimed Alec Cook held her in a death grip at his apartment, as dozens of other women have come forward since initial reports, police saidA University of Wisconsin student has been charged with a string of sexual assaults involving four different women. Alec Cook, 20, has been…

How An Old Antidepressant Could Provide The Next Brain Cancer Breakthrough

In 1998, I received an intriguing handwritten note. It came from David Wilkie, emeritus professor at University College London, and asked if I thought the antidepressant drug clomipramine could affect brain tumours. I had been investigating how brain cancer spreads and Wilkie wondered if his own work on how clomipramine…

Brexit: Pound’s fall pays dividend for NI border towns – BBC News

"At the minute it is good and going to stay good up until Christmas, which is great news for border areas," he said.

The Iraqi women who escaped ISIS but lost everything

Debaga, Iraq (CNN) -- Zainab's eyes are hazel, and a sliver of olive skin peeks from the stretchy turquoise scarf wrapped tightly around her face. Over her shoulder is an insulated bag with the word "Lunch" on it that she is using as a purse. Her nails are lacquered red,…

College voters take sides in battleground states

(CNN)Imagine this is your first election. The first time you have a real voice and your choices are Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.You think, "Really?"It's a feeling that binds a lot of first-time voters -- many of them millennials -- left, right and center, who are looking for inspiration and…

7 Ways You Stress Yourself Out

Experts gave us insight into practices you may think are harmlessbut are in fact disrupting your peace of mind.">Robin Hilmantel, Life by Daily Burn I used to wake up each morning and, before Id even brushed my teeth, I would check my email. This often meant that the first thing…

Microsoft unveils Surface Studio in bid for creative professionals

The $3,000 computer is marketed to professionals as Microsoft shifts focus to technology that enables profound creationMicrosoft is getting artsy. The tech giant unveiled tools for artists and designers on Tuesday in Manhattan, including a smartphone app that allows users to scan 3D images of everyday objects and move them…

Labour fined over ‘Ed Stone’ general election costs – BBC News

Its probe widened as it emerged that in addition to two payments totalling 7,614 relating to the tablet, further expenditure had not been included in the return, while receipts were missing for other items.The commission also considered a complaint that costs of bussing activists around the country had been wrongly…